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I highly recomend here.

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what really happened..

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Hes not even gay!!

(Wed 21st Dec 2005, 18:37, More)

Keiths new "goldfish ball"...
opened up a whole new world.

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the secret of...
bear face ham

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i guessed "cardigan"...

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All cats love water

ed. ooooh a front page. thanks
(Thu 19th Feb 2004, 23:12, More)

i never can remember
which side the petrol cap is on these things!!

(Tue 4th Nov 2003, 17:56, More)

Aircraft carrier pigeons

Click for biggie
(Fri 24th Oct 2003, 18:15, More)

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» Accidental innuendo

I once asked a friend how come she supported Aston Villa?- her reply was
"My bofriend used to take me up the Holt end"
(Sat 14th Jun 2008, 14:33, More)

» Worst Record Ever

do you remember.........
The Reynolds Girls, they released a song in the eighties entitled "i'd rather jack"

heres the chorus:-

Golden oldies
Rolling Stones
We don't want them back
I'd rather jack (jack)
Than Fleetwood Mac
No heavy metal, rock'n'roll
Music from the past
I'd rather jack (jack)
Than Fleetwood Mac

Who needs Pink Floyd, Dire Straits
That's not our music, it's out of date
Demographic stereo
They never play the songs we know.

need i say more.....?
this record defines hypocricy
(Wed 3rd Dec 2003, 18:37, More)