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Tears and summer holidays
My parents were strict when I was younger. They shouted at me when I was 14 for getting B's and C's on my report (there were some A's too!).

I got a right telling off for that. Summer was ruined for me. I was guilt-tripped into not going out or having any sort of fun - Constantly reminded that I was a failure and unless I put more effort in next year my life would go down the drain.

Damn, it irritates me now thinking about how awful I felt that summer. Anyway I sure as hell wasn't going to get into the same situation the following holiday, and was more determined than ever to hand over a report gleaming with A's. So what was the next thing I did when I returned back to the delights of education the following September?


Went to the local PC store and I bought a scanner. Not one report after was left un-doctored. A healthy mixture of A's and A/B's were presented to my parents, hot off the press.

The following holidays were fun again, and the extra pocket money for succeeding soon covered the cost of the the scanner. The rest bought me new SNES games which provided hours of smug fun. Lush.
(Tue 22nd Nov 2005, 21:30, More)