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I joined B3ta on Friday 24th October 2003
Here are some things what i did.......

i quite like faceswaps at the mo... so have a shufty at these:

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quick and dotty

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(Thu 22nd Mar 2018, 11:55, More)

A little of the old ultra-violence.

Viddy Well my little droogs...
(Thu 28th Sep 2017, 22:24, More)


(Thu 17th Nov 2016, 19:37, More)

They've only been in power a few hours and already unemployment is soaring!

(Fri 8th May 2015, 17:49, More)

This is heavy....

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(Thu 9th Apr 2015, 1:56, More)

ho hum.

Wow 1st Fp of 2013..ta!
(Fri 22nd Feb 2013, 14:34, More)

Still at it in the afterlife!

(Thu 11th Oct 2012, 16:27, More)

now then...

* Apols for the speeling!
*Yay for the unexpected FP - (I'd like to thank my mum, dad teachers, uncle Jim)

*Also EDITED NOW to show the c*nt the proper disrespect!
(Wed 3rd Oct 2012, 18:50, More)

Old CCTV footage discovered in Paris

I have woken up today, to find my very first FP! ... I'm all emotional! :D
(Sun 22nd Jul 2012, 20:04, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Morning After Souvenirs

Dead hamster
My sister Susan decided to spruce up the hamster cage with thin layers of wood, like a log cabin effect.

We woke up the next day to find that unfortunately the fumes from the glue had killed the hamster!

We were really sad!


mourning after Sue Veneers!
(Thu 26th Apr 2012, 18:01, More)

» Weird Rituals

Only remembered this today..
Whenever I'm driving with Mrs Abitsick and/or the kids, I always quote Eric Morecambe when an ambulance with sirens passes.

"He'll never sell any ice creams going that fast"

To the extent now that my 7 year old pre-empts me on seeing/hearing an ambulance by facepalming and telling me to "Go on then!"
(Tue 20th Dec 2011, 16:03, More)

» Beautiful Moments, Part Two

Beautiful moment of the day..
I do a little Dj work for my local pub (well, have been resident for the last 2 1/2 years..)

to cut a short story shorter, there was a management change recently, from someone okayish to a miserable git.. who just happened to sack me last night because I finished 7 or 8 minutes late and the (busy) pub didn't empty quick enough for him.. (It's usually really busy when I'm on as I have a large crowd of mates/family who follow me about)

Here comes my beautiful (if a little petty) moment..

I set them up a cheap and cheerful website a year or so ago, and was planning on updating it with some whats on type stuff, and a menu etc.... so I thought I'd update it for them today!

(Sun 8th Aug 2010, 20:26, More)

» Made me laugh

sports women
Still makes me chuckle...

My nephews girlfriend bought him an England shirt with his favourite players name on it... she couldn't understand what the problem was!

(Fri 7th Dec 2012, 1:47, More)

» Dressing Up

OOOH dressy uppy!
I love a bit (lot) of dressy uppy! I'm usually the one doing the make-up on friends and family too!

Personal favourites are:
A make-up i did on my nephew using cheap facepaints and Pva glue!


Zombie Michael jackson..

here are some of my other attempts

(I made sure i got my moneys worth out of the thriller costume.. i've been to 3 different parties as the king of nonces pop!)

This weekend I'm going to a "dead celebrity" theme night...
will add a pic on here after Saturday night :)
(Fri 26th Oct 2012, 18:15, More)
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