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Some of my B3ta stuff

Contactable and collectable through stig at goatpod dot co dot uk

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More of....

the same ol' shite from me
(Mon 11th Jul 2005, 16:18, More)


(Wed 9th Mar 2005, 16:31, More)

yes, it's a tird

(Thu 27th Jan 2005, 12:30, More)

He can't get none....
I can?t get no satisfaction,I can?t get no satisfaction. ?cause I try and I try and I try and I try.I can?t get no, I can?t get no. When I?m drivin? in my car And that man comes on the radio And he?s tellin? me more and more About some useless information Supposed to fire my imagination. I can?t get no, oh no no no. Hey hey hey, that?s what I say. I can?t get no satisfaction,I can?t get no satisfaction.?cause I try and I try and I try and I try.I can?t get no, I can?t get no.When I?m watchin? my tv And that man comes on to tell me How white my shirts can be. Well he can?t be a man ?cause he doesn?t smoke The same cigarrettes as me. I can?t get no, oh no no no. Hey hey hey, that?s what I say. I can?t get no satisfaction, I can?t get no girl with action. ?cause I try and I try and I try and I try. I can?t get no, I can?t get no. When I?m ridin? round the world And I?m doin? this and I?m signing that And I?m tryin? to make some girl Who tells me baby better come back later next week ?cause you see I?m on losing streak. I can?t get no, oh no no no. Hey hey hey, that?s what I say. I can?t get no, I can?t get no, I can?t get no satisfaction, No satisfaction, no satisfaction, no satisfaction
(Thu 30th Dec 2004, 1:13, More)

...a pandunkey?

(Mon 20th Dec 2004, 15:09, More)

Good Evening/Morning, whatever....

click for biggy
(Sun 19th Dec 2004, 1:12, More)


(Fri 26th Nov 2004, 11:37, More)

dirty bugger...

(Mon 20th Sep 2004, 12:19, More)

'ning (just about)

/edit: ooh! ta muchness for the FP
(Thu 19th Aug 2004, 11:57, More)

Clicky biggy
(Sat 7th Aug 2004, 2:21, More)

Whinging bloody cat

quick and dirty before bed
/EDIT: Bloody hell, you pop in for a quick 10 minutes before bed and look what happens. Thank you very much for the FP, very much appreciated :)

(Fri 16th Jul 2004, 1:09, More)

absolutely pointless

but it helped me to relax this morning

/EDIT: ooh FP. Thank ye kindly.
(Mon 12th Jul 2004, 10:56, More)

Yay for babies with soft heads

(Wed 7th Jul 2004, 15:31, More)

Yay for Sponging Monging Chimps

Ooh -FP, Ta very much. Like to dedicate this one to furry numnah as she made me spong it.
(Wed 7th Jul 2004, 12:32, More)

There was me, trying to take a nice picture of a swan, when all of a sudden this fuckin' freak of a cat jumps up in front of the camera and starts shouting "HELLLLOOO, HEEEEEELLLLLLLO"
(Fri 4th Jun 2004, 11:50, More)

Polar Kittens

/EDIT: WooP an FP on my birfday Thankyou and "HELLO MUM"
(Tue 1st Jun 2004, 11:51, More)

Bloody Woojits...


Bloody eckers like, a FP! Didn't expect that! Thank you
(Tue 27th Apr 2004, 14:05, More)

MOOHARHAR - Drop your nuts and run, 'tis the Squiggel of Death...

(Mon 9th Feb 2004, 16:16, More)

Goo On - gizza bite

Sorry, shameless cheesetoast. I'm off to bed. G'night everyone

Edit/ OOps sorry, forgot my manners - Woo, Yay and a big Houpla for your pic :)
(Thu 15th Jan 2004, 0:16, More)

Smile you bastard cat...

(Mon 5th Jan 2004, 14:38, More)

Drinks were going cheep at the co-worker office party*


/EDIT: Crikey my first FP - Thank you :)

*all co-workers are now linked in my profile
(Sun 28th Dec 2003, 20:22, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Lost...

My passport and my right to live in Britain
After clearing passport control at JFK airport my girlfriend asked me to give her my passport. My reply was "I'm not a child, I'll look after my own passport." Fatal. We carried on to Chicago and we're about to hit the town when I noticed my passport was missing... Anyway, we wandered off next day and eventually found the British consul above a Woolworths (that's another long story). They informed me that they would sort out an emergency passport and not to worry. We then headed up to Milwaukee for a few days. Just before returning to Chicago I received a phone call from the embassy claiming there was no record of me ever having a British passport! That was pretty good news to me, it meant a nice stay in the States and so I sorted out a job at a friend's company in San Francisco. But, Mrs. Goatpod wasn't impressed and insisted I press the matter with the embassy. They managed to sort the emergency passport 2 hours before I was due to fly back to the UK.
To this day I'm still not allowed to be in possession of any important documents.

Oh, and I lost the contents of my bowels once when I accidentally crossed the Algerian border and got shot at by someone...
(Fri 3rd Dec 2004, 12:29, More)

» World's Most Hated Food

Satan's testicles, what else can I say?
(Mon 12th Jul 2004, 11:05, More)

» Pet Names

We had
a miniature poodle called Wicky Wicky Woo Woo (no idea why). For such a small dog, the amount of shit and vomit it contained was amazing. It hated men and would vomit on me while I was asleep and shit on my dad's newspapers whenever he put them down.

Then it developed stealth technology and would creep into my room during the night and shit in my slippers or on the floor next to my bed. It was a lovely feeling next morning of cold poodle shit squidging up between my toes....
(Thu 26th Feb 2004, 9:28, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

Shortest joke ever....
This seal walks into a club.
(Tue 14th Feb 2006, 14:49, More)

» Scars with history

At the
age of 16 during a band rehearsal I was soldering some mics.

The only plug I could use for the soldering iron was in the stage floor under a grand piano. So I sat under the piano plugged the soldering iron in and let it heat up. The guitarist asked me to plug his amp into the socket next to the soldering iron, so I leant over putting my full weight on my left hand. Do I really need to say what happened next? Needless to say it left a pretty interesting burn in my left palm that only started to fade after 20 years. It didn't do my head much good either when I jumped up and nearly put it through the bottom of the piano.
(Fri 4th Feb 2005, 15:43, More)
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