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...deep breath in...

(Sun 17th Jul 2005, 0:00, More)

dance loofah, dance!

hello, long time n'all that - sorry this is a bit shit but it tickled me and i was desperate!
(Wed 27th Aug 2003, 22:47, More)

worried about lung cancer?
you need FagsBot™

click for 20 bensons

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(Fri 28th Feb 2003, 20:26, More)

i've got manic miner running

on my speccy emu
(Thu 6th Feb 2003, 22:54, More)

this will be real in about 400 years

(Sun 26th Jan 2003, 12:20, More)

this one had extinct written all over it
^do you see what i did there? do you?

(Sat 25th Jan 2003, 22:17, More)

3 days they've been at it now...

if you watch them for long enough you might notice a recursive sequence of prime integers that will eventually reduce to 0
morning and sorry about the large size
(Wed 22nd Jan 2003, 10:02, More)

sew, hear wig oh...

(Tue 14th Jan 2003, 11:41, More)

meanwhile, on the USS Reliant...

(Thu 17th Oct 2002, 11:19, More)

got me one of those bagless cyclone thingumy-jigs...

clicky big

(Wed 2nd Oct 2002, 12:18, More)

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