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Here's a Me, done all artistic-like...

Also known as the anabolically challenged gym rat...

Other random stuff I'm quite fond of...

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Dih-DIH, dih-DIH, dih-DIH...

With thanks to Felix for the source, of course.
(Wed 24th Aug 2005, 2:58, More)

So I sez to 'im Marjie, I sez, "That's what you get for being so lazy..."

(Mon 14th Mar 2005, 20:44, More)

My gymrat has had a festive upgrade, so I thought I'd bring him out for all to see.

(Thu 2nd Dec 2004, 2:25, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Scars with history

Well, I have a nice set of chicken-pox scars on my stomach. Mother told me not to scratch, but did I listen?

There are three or four, maybe even FIVE of them, and they're like THIS BIG!! .... O

There.... I think that story should hold its own amongst the burns and lacerations that everyone else has.
(Sun 6th Feb 2005, 11:04, More)

» Singing the wrong words

That old classic,
"I'll never find another you" is fondly known in our family as The Ram's Lament.
(Mon 31st Jan 2005, 0:10, More)

» Look! It's me in the Local Paper

In me days as a student journo
I frequently made the front page.
The local papers were only too happy to stop the presses as I dashed in with my latest ground-breaking, controversial, scoop.
Here are two of my front-page exclusives:

(Fri 11th Feb 2005, 9:52, More)

» Evidence that you're getting old

I'm not getting old.
In fact, I'm getting younger. That's the only direction I can go in, you see....

I was born old. As a kid, I liked crosswords and reading.
As a teen, I disliked nightclubs, parties and loud music.
When invited to hit the town, I think, "Meh... can't really be bothered."

Nope - there's only one way for me to go... I'm growing down.
(Wed 3rd Nov 2004, 4:52, More)