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Journalism student at University of Essex.

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» Pure Ignorance

"St Anger...
...isn't bad for a debut"

There are people who can spot two errors in that sentance.

Mind you, my university is absolutely crawling with Beauty Therapy and Sports students, so every day is a new voyage into the depths of stupidity.
(Thu 6th Jan 2005, 23:42, More)

» How I Skive Off Work

It's not skiving...
... I really can't walk.
(Wed 27th Apr 2005, 23:05, More)

» My Christmas Nightmare

Every Christmas in recent memory
and most New Year's, too. Mental illness pays no regard to what day it is.
(Fri 24th Dec 2004, 0:59, More)

» Clients Are Stupid

Essex Stupidity- the bourgeousie and their decadent toilet paper.
A good friend of mine works in a certain supermarket, mostly as a till-munky, like myself. On one memorable occasion, a middle-class woman began to complain about said supermarket's lack of white toilet paper. Calmly my friend explained that they only had peach, pink, whatever for sale, but the woman became more and more frustrated by the situation, becoming increasingly snotty... exasperated, and perfectly correct, my friend told her that "it all ends up the same colour anyway". She wrote a letter of complaint to get him fired, his manager put it up on the notice-board.

Similarly, at the rival supermarket where I while away my Saturday nights, we find people who are unable to find the painkiller medication even though it is directly in front of them as they walk in. Also, as i am too young to legally sell alcohol, i have to ask permission from staff members who are perhaps only 5 months older than me... seeing this, the customer ALWAYS responds "i am 18, honest!". it's really only funny the first 1000 times. this is without mentioning the customers who discover they have the correct change right AFTER i open the till...i know it's petty, but this is every saturday and sunday night... twunts.

Needless to say, retail is not a career my friend and i plan to pursue. no, we are just poor students...

not really stupid, but i feel this post needs less complaining and more funny. when my mother worked in a workshop that made dentures and sundry similar dental prosthetics, the impressions came with slips of paper with the dentist's notes on them. on one occasion, she came into work to find only one half of a set of impressions (possibly upper jaw). written on the accompanying paperwork was this- "unable to take lowers, Px (patient) wet herself"...

how would one go about explaining to the next person in the chair?

remember, be nice to the till-munkies... one day we shall rule the earth...
(Tue 30th Dec 2003, 1:07, More)

» Pure Ignorance

A guy I know...
...pissed off at the local council, went down to the offices to see if he could talk to someone fairly senior.

Explaining this to us later, he proceeded to regale us with an account of how he:

"...went up to the reception and demanded to talk to the head poncho".

Laugh? I nearly bought one!

Neither of us wanted to point out his mistake, so we elected simply to give in to great bursts of silent, body-shaking laughter, as he stood looking blank and confused, crying "what?"
(Fri 14th Jan 2005, 1:25, More)
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