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» Old People Talk Bollocks

My mate's gran (82)
was lamenting on how she didn't know enough men:(broad cockney accent) "Cos women are so boring, all they ever talk about is clothes, i want to talk about politics, gawd, I saw that Tony Blair on telly the other day, you should've seen his SUIT! Bloody awful..."
(Fri 12th Mar 2004, 15:28, More)

» Urban Legends

Someone convinced me for all of half an hour that brussel sprouts grow from one giant round brussel about the size of a football. I now know this not to be true.

Something I've been trying to propagate for a couple of years now is that Bob Marley lifted the middle of Buffalo Solider (the bit the goes Yie yie yah, yie ye yie..) directly from the theme tune to the Banana Splits...(Na na na, nah ne nah nah) which pre-dates it. Go on listen it's all true!
(Sat 7th Jan 2006, 21:29, More)