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I am the wub boswelox the wub. I think someone must have snuck up on me sometime when I was asleep and given me a hummusectomy, so I mainly lurk.

I has a rarely updated blog, and a Twitter

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Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival
fighting for survival
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» Accidental innuendo

A friend of mine likes to imitate Jim Royle
i.e. respond to "X" with "X, my arse!"

Just as this was beginning to wear a bit thin, someone told him to "Man up!"

Of course, the unthinking response: "Man up, my arse!"
(Thu 12th Jun 2008, 15:34, More)

» Petty Sabotage

some of my school computer sabotage
creating autorunning word macros so whenever people load word either:
1- 40 smiley face buttons are added to the toolbar
2- the office assistant points out that the IT technician is a cunt
3- the beep function is used to make the sound of a falling bomb, and a small dialog box saying 'boom' pops up
inserting garbage into the word autocorrect function, e.g. every time someone types 'a' it is corrected to 'aardvark'
dragging all the logon windows right off the corner of the screen so no-one can find them
turning the brightness and contrast on all the monitors down to zero
creating folders with a special character in the name, so that when anyone tries to open or delete them they are told the folder doesn't exist
noticing that to edit the school intranet site you just need to stick "/staff" up in the address bar, and spreading this knowledge among the imaginative people of my year
(Sun 8th May 2005, 14:46, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

how do you make a cat go woof?
add petrol and a match

how do you make a dog drink?
stick him in a blender
(Tue 6th Dec 2005, 22:30, More)

» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

Introduced to b3ta by a friend at school (who now goes by the username Mr. Ons)
b3ta taught me to use Photoshop (badly), the art of creative swearing, and the correct way to draw a CDC. Not to mention making sure I see all the best links and videos before they trickle round the rest of the interwebs.

7 years, 9 months and 23 days later, plus a couple of meetups, and I'm still reading regularly, still posting irregularly and still chasing that elusive FP.

So many great memories (meme-ories?): the infamous Virgin challenge, the night of a thousand limes, the magnet film thread. And too many brilliant images to mention.
(Mon 12th Sep 2011, 16:29, More)

» Useless Information

From 19 November 461 to 29 February 468 there was a Pope Hilarius

The yellow colour of American school buses is defined precisely by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. it is Federal Standard No. 595a, Color 13432
(Sat 19th Mar 2005, 12:05, More)
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