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» The Onosecond

I just finished ......
... a phone call with the boss by using the line "cheers big ears"........ yes he does look like the FA Cup, and i'm now trying to curl into the smallest human ball posible. DOH!
(Tue 31st May 2005, 17:31, More)

» Posh

I'm so posh....
Somebody else is writing this for me...
(Thu 15th Sep 2005, 14:43, More)

» Not Losing Your Virginity

She was only a Roofers daughter
But she liked her Asfelt

Budum toosh
(Wed 1st Nov 2006, 16:18, More)

» The Police

Thats right....
..I was walking out the bank with the swag, when about 40 armed coppers shouted "put the money down and lay down on your front" Whatever!! So I says "What with these muscles" and pointed to my forearms.... Yeah you guessed it they all bloody legged it. Pansies
(Thu 22nd Sep 2005, 18:07, More)

» Essential Items

My wife..
.. always carries a small black piece of hard tar and stone with her ??

She might only be a builders daughter, but she likes her asfelt

Badoom tish.....
(Wed 2nd Nov 2005, 10:27, More)
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