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Actually I do most of this stuff in The Gimp.

But, erm, "Happy Gimp" just doesn't do it for me as a nick.

Here are some pics on which I expended slightly more effort than normal:


In case of emergencies

If the commies had won the cold war #1


Etch-a-Sketch #1

Conspiracy Theory

Drink Guinness

Etch-a-Sketch #2 (Polar Coordinates Edition)

Wait for it.........

If the commies had won the cold war #2


Oh... and here's some music I helped to make

And finally here are my...

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You Only Flush Once

With the BogBlender 4000.

EDIT: Yay! First FP! Cheers.
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» World's Sickest Joke

(sorry if done before, etc)
Peedofile & gurl walking into the woods at night:
gurl: "Its dark...I'm scared..."
peed: "How do you think I feel? I'm going to have to walk back by myself..."
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