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I live in Orlando, Florida.

OMFG! my web site.

Please buy some of my Biscuit apparel at this site.

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Email me at [email protected]

AIM: matdabomb15

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The Pope and I just collaborated
to make this awesome song. Feel free to record lyrics over it and post it.

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Oh Snap!
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An ostrich shitting on a cat.

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Gerald knew the fish's one weakness

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Hitler also owned the jews on the court

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Biscuit Wear
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» Injured Siblings

My first time playing in snow
I took a handful of snow and started forming it into a snowball. I didn't realize that several minutes of compacting snow will turn it into a rock hard ball of ice the size of a baseball. Then I slammed it into her back as hard as I could. Left quite a bruise.
(Fri 19th Aug 2005, 21:56, More)