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» Road Rage

Bus MSM? I laugh!
Firstly a reply:
Laxly: Give way to buses? No fuckin' chance, follow the rules of the road you fuckin' fat bastards !

Unfortunately there is a provision in the highway code that dictates you must give way to a bus pulling out. Sorry, it's a good play.

Secondly story time:
On my way to work is a rather dodgy single carriage way with nothing but solid white lines, piss poor visibility and ditch on both sides of the road. This of course doesn't stop people from trying to do 90 and overtaking like a crazy person. Oh and I forgot to mention, it's frequently used by HGVs.

Some rather heart stopping moments include:
Chav overtaking me in a Saxo, failing to notice the oncoming lorry and pulling in inches from my front bumper which proved that my car not only has ABS but they work quite well indeed.

BMW driver (a GOLD BMW at that) trying to overtake before deciding it was a bad move, except he's now hanging off my rear wing not attempting to pull back in behind me, looking at me in the wing mirror as if I can do anything to fix his oversized and rapidly closing in problem. Alas, the car in front isn't interested in speeding up and I'm then stuck hoping he'll have the brains to use his brakes and get back in behind me. But of course that's silly talk, so I prepare for the most horrific crash imaginable.

Thankfully, he had a passenger who started to have a bit of a freak out at him and he pulled back in (while she was tearing new orifaces).

So I don't have time for this road rage malarky, I tend to be more in the "how the hell am I going to get out of this" mind set.
(Fri 13th Oct 2006, 13:32, More)