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» Stupid Tourists

In the carpark at the Giants Causeway Northen Ireland
Fat American Woman : "Gee thats a weird car! "
Fat American Man : "What is it? "
Fat American Woman : "It says its a Meeegaaann?"
Fat American Man : "Whats a Meegaaan?"
Fat American Woman: "Is it French for Renault?"
Other people in carpark: "FFS"
(Thu 7th Jul 2005, 16:57, More)

» Lies I told on my CV

In the interests and hobies section of my CV I've got "arguing with my girlfriend". FACT!

Its not a lie.
(Thu 6th Jul 2006, 17:19, More)

» Accidental innuendo

Its about your ac*unt
I took a call for the boss, from a popular electronics company.
So, I sent him an email asking, with a brief summary about what the call was about.
"its about your account"
I missed out the 'o' in account. (and a c)

dont feel guilty he was a complete and utter ccount.
(Tue 17th Jun 2008, 14:28, More)

» Celebrities part II

I used to live upstairs from the UKs only Muslim porn star
she had the police break into my flat to turn the taps off which were leaking into her flat.
which I thought a bit rich from such a proponent of waters sports.
(Wed 14th Oct 2009, 15:45, More)

» The Onosecond

My Bosses Acc*unt
I took a phone call for my boss.
I sent him an email about it.
It read "Its about your account"
I missed out the 'o' in account.

All very Freudian.
(Wed 1st Jun 2005, 16:22, More)
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