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Hmmm, my name is luke and im not a media student anymore, but i still spend too much time on this site.

No site yet, working on it...

email me! [email protected]

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» Shit Stories

I was in hospital once recovering from a broken foot and I was moved onto a ward with other ill peoples. Across from me was a man who was suffering with chronic constipation and according to him he hadn’t had a shit in weeks.
About a week later I was discharged, and as I was collecting my things together and a guy a few beds down from me started to have (what it looked like to me) a heart attack. Just then the bloke across from me started shouting the nurse saying that he needed a shit, but the bloke having a heart attack seemed more important to the medical establishment. Just as they all reached the dieing man, my constipated friend poked his hairy ass out of the bed and did a shite/blood/gunck-shit all over the floor, got back into bed a looked well chuffed with him self.
I went home that day a changed man.
And I have never been back into a hospital since.
(Wed 5th May 2004, 22:45, More)