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(Wed 3rd Mar 2021, 21:19, More)

All Apologies...

(Mon 28th Dec 2020, 0:58, More)

Little known fact: All four members of the band were named Robert...

(Thu 24th Dec 2020, 12:24, More)

Aw, come on... serves you right... that's right up there with not eating yellow snow!

(Wed 23rd Dec 2020, 0:29, More)

To celebrate International Piss Poor Punnage Day... It's not pretty...
Geddit? iSaw... not pretty... iSaw, it's an iSaw... Geddit? Geddit?
Ahhh... Please yourself!

(Fri 18th Dec 2020, 23:52, More)

All that, and with only one ball!

(Tue 15th Dec 2020, 1:45, More)

Ideal for maintaining your Pussy Wagon...

(Fri 11th Dec 2020, 0:57, More)

Check it again Don.

(Sun 8th Nov 2020, 22:05, More)

Quick and spiky...

(Sun 17th Nov 2019, 2:06, More)

Always been a nation of animal lovers...

(Mon 21st Oct 2019, 22:49, More)

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» World's Sickest Joke

SMS Inbox - Thur 9th Sept 2004 19:21
S% Q{!T

/|Kd 4KKS? *&Re kj (owq safoq%5 #zs g'faga
J/sasa£ (dsffsS OKASS LQ @#E IAHlkj ~^£}

Sender: David Blunkett +442075554321
(Thu 9th Sep 2004, 19:31, More)

» Amazing displays of ignorance

Blaady Ingleesh!
Trying to alleviate the boredom of the office last week, my colleagues and I decided to pass a bit of time by playing a quick game of,”who lives in the most dangerous place?” One of my colleagues has the dubious pleasure of residing in the leafy London suburb of Lewisham, so was looking like a shoo-in for the award of, “most at risk of being mugged”. However, all thoughts of competition were quickly forgotten, when we ran into this little gem while checking her score:


Check out the table of crime figures, and then the first two comments underneath.
(Sun 21st Mar 2010, 0:29, More)

» Inventions You're Too Lazy To Make

If I can be bothered...
I plan to invent a clock that is so small and portable that it will fit in to ones pocket - or when used in conjunction with a tiny belt or bracelet - could even be worn on ones wrist. Then when one is out and about, the time of day can be discerned by simply viewing ones own miniature portable timepiece. I propose to call my inventions the Pocketglance and the Wristglance.
(Thu 8th Apr 2004, 1:54, More)