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Now officially a Teesside uni resident.

mmm... forehead

^ Lovingly and much appreciatedly created by Xen!

Official member of the Aunt Bessies appreciation club (Founded 1974)

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» Embarrassing Injuries

Ruddy bikes
I don't like bikes, ever since an unfortunate accident as a child when during one of my first rides without stabilisers in the local park I lost control and managed to go down a very steep hill. The end result left me stuck in the middle of the bike without one of my shoes and in considerable pain.

Fast forward 10 years and I'm at a friends house who needs to go see his gran. He wants to go by bike but I'm kind of reluctant, eventually he convinces me and we try and squeeze ourselves onto 1 bike seat with me at the back. For about the first 10 seconds after setting off it wasn't so bad but then I slipped off the end of the seat and my balls got trapped in between the seat and the back wheel. Said friend dosn't seem to understand that I'm in trouble despite my screaming and continues to pedal with me hopping along behind until I manage to hit him.

I don't like bikes.
(Fri 3rd Sep 2004, 7:57, More)