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I'm lovin' teh cock.

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» World's Sickest Joke

Reuters, 9th September
Tragedy struck in Russia recently after the ill conceived, "Take a Chechen Rebel to School Day" got out of hand. Russian officials vow that next year they will return to the, "Fun With Borsht Day" that has proved to be so popular, and so safe in the past.
(Fri 10th Sep 2004, 14:52, More)

» Clients Are Stupid

Clients Customers, all stupid
Pity me, I worked in 7-11 once, don't drink the Slushies.
Cust - Hello
Me - Hello is that 7-11
- Yes
- What time are you open.
- Ummmm..
(Mon 29th Dec 2003, 13:14, More)

» Pet Names

My Dog
Is a pedigree alsation, Banouk of the Meadow or some sh1t, so I called him Burt, and it's stuck....My missues doesn't like me any more.

Incidentally my nickname for her is dopeybollocks.
(Fri 27th Feb 2004, 16:45, More)

» Childhood bad taste

Suited and Booted
in my green neon flecked grey itchy suit. I tthough I was the mutts, going to family weddings looking like some kind of Vice reject.
If I was going casual, I'd hit Fosters and get me some Leo Gemmeli or maybe a Campri Ski jacket.

And Dogger Collymore, you must have listened loads. You meant Brian Adams.
(Fri 10th Dec 2004, 14:30, More)