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» Cheating cheaty cheats

Once, on a long train journey
... my brother and I were playing Travel Guess Who. During a particuarly competitive round I felt a tap-tap-tapping on my foot under the table.

It was the fellow sitting to the immediate right of my brother. He had written the word 'GEORGE' on the top of the newspaper he was reading.

Not wanting to blow my cover, I made sure that I waited until I had to guess between a few to stay in the game, before saying 'Is it George?'

And it was.

This went on for the whole journey - must have been six or seven rounds and my brother never cottoned on. Even one time when I had to guess from six remaining characters.

I never saw my accomplice again.
(Thu 17th Nov 2005, 11:14, More)

» My most gullible moment

Falling for the old crossword favourite.
FORMER COLLEAGUE - I'm really struggling with this clue 'Busy Postman'
ME - How many letters?
(Tue 26th Aug 2008, 15:37, More)

» Cheap Tat

Racist thumb protection
Ah the summer holidays of 1985. I was 8 and my brother was 5, and one of the days my dad took the day off to look after us.

He decided that we would visit Stratford Upon Avon as it was just down the road and it was borderline educational.

On getting out of the car, my dad delved deep into his pockets and gave us both two hundred pence. A fortune for a tiny child in the eighties. He told us that we could spend this money on whatever we wanted, but that it was the only money we'd be getting off him that day.

In one corner of the car-park we'd pulled up in, was a stall selling tourist trap nonsense. Ye Olde Maps, Shakespeare Mugs, Union Jack T-shirts and the like.

My brother wandered over to the stall, and returned having spent his entire £2 allowance on...

...a thimble.

But this was no ordinary thimble, for it was adorned with a portrait of none other than Prince Phillip.

He still maintains that it was a worthwhile purchase.

To be fair to him though, I can't even remember how I spent my two quid.
(Tue 8th Jan 2008, 18:10, More)

» The passive-aggressive guilt trip

Son, it's completely up to you
if you want to carry on posting your little 'messages'. Just because each one is like a dagger through my heart, shouldn't stop you.
I'll just sit here, in pain, on my own as usual.

Send no flowers
(Fri 14th Oct 2005, 14:38, More)

» Take my Mother-in-law...

My girlfriend's mom always votes on reality TV show.
She decides which singer/housemate/celebrity she likes best, then rings up and votes for them.

Then she feels guilty and votes for everyone else.
(Fri 9th Sep 2005, 13:14, More)
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