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E-mail: pea aye bacon at gmail dot com

yes, my name has been stolen by this person, if you are reading this I want it back. I will reward a chocolate mini milk to anyone who finds the culprit.


As Poparted by myself

As Vectored by Foof

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Here is some of my (somewhat dated) work
Yes, this is where the fp's would usually go

My fav. and the first thing i did in photoshop

Some Silly Olympic orientated animations

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» Embarrassing Injuries

A friend of mine..
snapped his cock while having sex, had a whole in his urethra so it got infected.

He then went to a clinic and some bird had to shove what can only be described as a needle with a cotton bud on the end, down his cock.

The part of the story that makes it entertaining to me, is the reason for it:
she was on top, music channel in the background, marylin manson comes on.
I'll leave the rest to your imagination.
(Mon 6th Sep 2004, 9:42, More)