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» Crappy relationships

Fatal Attraction without the bunnies or the hot sex.
(edited to get to the point and answer the question)...

(after a very odd sequence of events over several months..)

She seems to be either very drunk or has taken something. Her (male) work colleague who has brought her home is nearly in tears. Suddenly she is naked with a knife, bath overflowing with water running down the walls, chasing me to kill me/and or herself because 'she needs me'. My mum (there as moral support) calls the police and an ambulance, I am by then outside hiding in an alley. I am of course not 8, but nearer 35.

Ambulance arrives, she is eventually sectioned.

so, in a nutshell, that is when I decided it was over. The magic had definitely gone.

But of course it didn't end there. But that's for another question (perhaps-what's the worst time you've had to get rid of someone you didn't want to be with)?
(Sat 23rd Oct 2010, 9:16, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

short ones really are the best
how do you turn a cat into a dog?

pour petrol on it..light...and WOOF!!!!

always made me smile anyway...

(Sun 5th Feb 2006, 20:59, More)

» Evidence that you're getting old

oh dear.
Realising that to pass my electronic qualifications at college I had to understand how a valve worked (no, not on a radiator). And how to programme in hex. And how whole telephone exchanges can be built using nothing more than bent metal and solenoids.

Still hoping this knowledge will come in useful soon.

Oh, and buying a diesel because it does more mpgs. And then telling people about it in a proud way when it does more than 42.

And signing up to walkingworld.com.

Oh dear. Time for bed.
(Mon 1st Nov 2004, 21:04, More)

» Lies Your Parents Told You

and evil brother...
I convinced my little brother that those squiggly short wave sounds you can get on a radio were aliens trying to attack us. He is 37 now, and still runs away. Girl.
(Wed 14th Jan 2004, 20:24, More)

» Lies Your Parents Told You

Evil parent
I brought my kids up to believe that when the ice-cream van is playing a tune, he has run out of ice-cream. As teenagers they now claim it was a form of child abuse....
(Wed 14th Jan 2004, 20:20, More)
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