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» Embarrassing Injuries

These seems to be at least 1/year but the best sequence of 3 . . .
17 . . . Trying to work on a chemistry project involving hydrochloric acid would seem to be trouble enough, but the HCL turned out to be less of a problem than the hot glue I was using to add a bit extra to my diagram. Paper cup in one hand, glue in the other, wind blows, cup goes, glue in hand with no trigger on the glue gun to stop it. I held my hand under water and peeled glue and skin off to reveal blisters that held my hand into paper cup holding claw like form for over a week. Arrived at school the day after and the teacher naturally thought it was an HCL related incident because of the large bandage around the hand, and used me to warn the class on the dangers of chemistry. I never burst her bubble.

18 . . . Playing extreme Ping-Pong (the ball remains in play till it hits the ground) my freshman year in college in the dorm's rec area, go to dive for a ball, loose my footing, hit the floor, slide under the nearby pool table right onto my ankle. I ended up having to walk around with a cane for several weeks, sexy.

19 . . . I was sitting at home watching TV in the middle of the morning when I realized the remote was on the far side of the glass coffee table in front of me. Being the genius that I am, I put a knee on the wooden lip (about 6-8 in.), leaned forward and put a hand further down the table, also on the wood, and reached for the remote with my other hand. Turns out, corduroy is slippery. As my knee slid and went through the glass I felt myself falling and punched through the table to catch myself. Didn't realize I was hurt till I saw the blood, nor did I realize just how hurt I was till I heard “SHIT!” out of the ER doc, I had cut through and artery and nerve in my finger. Five years, several casts, over 30 stitches and surgery later I've got a big raised scar, still have trouble gripping things, and can't touch the thing without it hurting.
(Thu 9th Sep 2004, 10:23, More)

» Lies Your Parents Told You

Younger siblings are great
OK, well great fun to torture. My whole family got behind telling my baby sister that she was from Mars. The proof, her eyes were so dark you couldn't see the pupil and all us "humans" had dots in our eyes. The child believed it till she was about 6-7 and would even go around telling people that's where she was from, much to our ammusement.
(Tue 20th Jan 2004, 23:16, More)