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I used to be The Salmon of Knowledge, and Turbo Salmon.

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Quincy M.E.

(Sun 28th Nov 2004, 1:36, More)

I dunno...

OOPS sorry about the size there...
(Tue 3rd Sep 2002, 18:07, More)

KFC Home for the Mentally Disabled

Incase anyone doesn't know, Window Licker refers to , its someone you might see when driving down the motorway, dribbling onto the window of a minibus bus with 'Sunnyvale Home for the Mentally Handicapped' on the side.
(Mon 17th Jun 2002, 17:32, More)

Probably already been done...

Sorry about the poor quality.
(Fri 31st May 2002, 14:28, More)

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» On the stage

We're All Going on a (pumpernickel) Summer Holiday!
In my last year of school, we did Summer Holiday. The lead (Cliff's part, I forget the character name) was told by one of the music staff that he would buy him a pint if he could include the word "pumpernickel" in the play 3 times. He did it - the audience didn't realise, but all of us on stage were trying hard not to crack up for each of the 3 times he said it... especially with the howls of laughter from the musicians in the band!
(Sun 4th Dec 2005, 11:30, More)

» Little things that turn you on

You know what really turns me on?
Fat balding blokes that drive minis.
(Mon 21st Feb 2005, 20:41, More)

» Stupid Tourists

Holloway Prison
I live in a small Derbyshire village called Holloway. A few years ago now, a couple pulled up and asked for directions to the prison.

I politely told them they should take the M1 Southbound for a couple of hours.
(Wed 13th Jul 2005, 15:04, More)

» Claims to Fame

I've been on crap ITV Drama "Peak Practice" a few times as an extra - I live where it is filmed.

I am on the Derby County Brian Clough tribute video, sat behind him as he gives a speech.

Thats about it!
(Tue 1st Mar 2005, 16:35, More)