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# KFC Home for the Mentally Disabled

Incase anyone doesn't know, Window Licker refers to , its someone you might see when driving down the motorway, dribbling onto the window of a minibus bus with 'Sunnyvale Home for the Mentally Handicapped' on the side.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 17:32, archived)
# It is also
a particularly good song by Aphex Twin
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 17:38, archived)
# I'll download that later...
from AG.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 17:45, archived)
# you mean
one of these?

(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 18:11, archived)
# Yes...
...for my work experience i went to this place where they teach these people to use computers... unsuccesfully... the keyboards have waterproof covers and the monitors have windscreen wipers.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 18:21, archived)
# around here
all the council "special" buses have plastic guards behind the driver so they dont pull his ears when he's driving...lol
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 18:38, archived)