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» My computer gave away my secrets

Oh my..
As we all know, Mozilla is awesome for the amount of extensions you can get. Especially one which remembers the last web-page you were on when you re-open the browser.

Before I have to leave to go work at Shitsbury's, I decide to have a tommy todger while reading some saucy stories.. I shoot my load then it's time to get to work.

My mum picks me up, waiting in the petrol station she says - "I checked my emails today and saw something quite disturbing!".

Turns out she snuck onto my already turned on compter, opened up the browser only to be greeted by "female masturbation stories" on the screen!

Now she's quite old fashioned so she gave me the whole 'Women aren't objects' speech.

By this time I didn't care because I had my mouth round a petrol pump and getting ready to swallow a lit match..

Mothers are the best.
(Mon 13th Feb 2006, 11:06, More)

» Barred

Fucking HMV...
I was banned from the establishment of HMV once, because I was running around with a sticky security tag, which was faulty, and leaving them on the floor so unsuspecting shoppers would step and walk outside with one, setting off the alarm and causing problems.

The security guard from WhSmith (my last area of operations) followed me to the music store and ushered me out with haste.

Needless to say, I was back there within a week.
(Mon 4th Sep 2006, 16:01, More)

» Body Mods

Eyebrow Piercage..
When I lost my first eyebrow piercing in a swimming pool, the hole had healed up and some random jobber re-pierced it for me on Bolton town hall steps. NOT the best thing to do, I tell thee.

I remember staggering down the steps and into bhs where 50 something year old women were staring at my bloody face. NOT the best thing to do, I tell thee.
(Mon 4th Dec 2006, 17:33, More)

» Your Revenge Stories

One day at college...
..one of my friends were pissing me off in IT, so when he went downstairs for his break (we were on the top floor of the college and the cafeteria was on the bottom floor), I proceeded to use his computer to browse to a gay-porn website, took a screenshot of this, set it as his wallpaper, hid the original toolbar and unplug his mouse.

Not only was he messing about with the mouse, but when he plugged it back in the toolbar woulndt work (because the toolbar was in the screenshot). Luckily, my friend had bought his camera in and proceeded to capture this oh-so-joyous moment.

Here is the result
(he's the guy with the dark hair)
(Fri 14th May 2004, 12:31, More)

» Worst Nicknames Ever

I had a range of nicknames at school.
John Motson, Postman Pat. You know the drill
(Fri 19th May 2006, 18:01, More)
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