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Despite having designed the website of Europe's largest supplier of gypsum related products, and the website of the Professional Institute of Number Crunchers who are too anal to be Accountants, I hardly get let loose near Photoshop these days. Tend to lurk instead.

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The botany librarian was very knowledgable.

(Tue 8th Oct 2002, 14:52, More)

In a universe far far away ...

Why dont humans go red when boiled ?
(Mon 3rd Dec 2001, 11:17, More)

Why ? Because he's a twunt

See http://houseochicks.com/puppetsplash.html if you're curious.
(Thu 8th Nov 2001, 11:23, More)

The years of partying had taken their toll.

Geoffery is a mini-cab driver in Staines. Bungle runs small pub in the West Midlands, George has a late night gay chat show on satellite. And Zippy ?Way too many drugs.
(Tue 30th Oct 2001, 4:48, More)

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» Embarrassing Injuries

Bloody Train
I put my hand in to the deepest darkest depths of my bag to get a book to read on the train, not knowing that my razor had slipped out and was lurking there waiting for me. I took my hand out. Drip, drip, drip a steady flow of blood oozed from a cut on my finger. I tried washing it in the bathroom. Drip, drip, drip the flow of blood was greater than the flow of tap water, all I managed to do was cover the basin and most of the floor in blood.

Being a man, I just wrapped the finger in a handerchief and thought nothing more of it. Until noticed that previously white hankerchief was now scarlet. Decided I probably needed some assistance so went to buffet car.

Lady behind counter went pale and nearly fainted at sight of blood so ran to get colleague, who trained in such matters, washed the dripping cut under the buffet car's proper tap and sink. Only the sink wasnt plumbed in. The bloody water flowed from the sink directly to the cupboard below. This cupboard was where all the plastic cups full of instant tea, coffee and hot chocolate were kept. Some interesting salty red instant coffee drinks were inadvertantly made.

Some firm pressure and a dressing later I returned to my seat, to be informed over the tannoy that 'hot drinks are no longer available on this train'.
(Thu 2nd Sep 2004, 12:38, More)

» Barred

Got thrown out of stress reduction class
Group of minor nutters referred by GPs. Class involves much sitting quietly listening to your breathing, relaxing shoulders etc.

Then as an exercise we're each given a single raisin, to place in mouth, and told to concentrate on the taste and texture.

Mind starts whirring ... It was once a grape, it grew in on a sunny warm hill side. It had many friends on the vine. It could have become wine, instead it has become a shrunken withered parody of its former lush ripeness. Its final moments will be on a cold and rainy March evening as a prop in a stress reduction class.

End up having major freak out. Teacher and myself agreed that this stress reduction technique probably wasnt suitable for me, and that I shouldnt come again. Had to give back course materials too.

Now I cope as ever with copious amounts of coffee or liberal dashings of alcohol depending on mood and time of day.
(Fri 1st Sep 2006, 17:38, More)

» Mugged

Not A Mugging At All
While out for daily run in Gloucestershire countryside, I passed an old dear out walking her dogs. After a few moments, it struck me that instead of wishing me 'Good day', she'd actually said 'Dont try and take me on, I've got several dogs'.
Eh ?
I'm 20 years older than your average mugger, Upton St. Leonards is hardly Moss Side and running vest and shorts is hardly chav wear.
I'm just thankful I didnt get a sharpened walking stick shoved somewhere.
(Fri 16th Jun 2006, 15:56, More)

» School Sports Day

Dare ? Thrill ? or Forgetful ?
Following my 3rd place in the non-athletically inclined discuss throw, I settled down to laugh at the competetive types sweating their way around the running track.
Year 9 girls 800m, was it possible ? had my eyes deceived me ? It appeared that one competitor had neglected to wear anything under her sports skirt that swayed as she ran. To my dying day, I shall wonder what she looked like from the front, 'cos I'll never forget what she looked like from behind.
(Mon 3rd Apr 2006, 9:10, More)

» Evidence that you're getting old

The Signs
Hair sprouting from nose and ears.
Receeding chin, expanding waist.
Decide TOTP2 is better than TOTP.
Rubbish music on Radio1, prefer Radio2.
Joint pains that last days rather than hours after sport.
Hangovers that last for days rather than hours.
Mortgage instead of rent.
Realising the nice woman you're talking to was in nappies when you were in exams.
Gardening is more enjoyable than clubbing.
Latest fashions really do look ridiculous.
Sporadic sex with partner rather than sex with sporadic partners.
Dressing up warm when a cold wind blows.
Spending more a week on petrol than you do on alcohol.
(Thu 28th Oct 2004, 14:41, More)
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