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» Political Correctness Gone Mad

Tom & Jerry can't even escape it....
I was saddend to hear some time ago that kids won't be able to see all the full Tom & Jerry episodes any more. Why?

Because some arsey parent complained that there was smoking in it and it wasn't a good example to be setting for kids. So now apparently all the smoking scenes are being edited out for tv viewing.

Fucking idiots. I grew up with Tom & Jerry watching them smoke and I don't smoke, I don't see the problem, maybe if they were better parents it might not happen.

(Thu 22nd Nov 2007, 13:23, More)

» Political Correctness Gone Mad

Political Correctness is the language of cowards!
I can stand certain levels of PC behaviour, it makes for a better environment to work in but I knew it had gone too far when I came across this little tid bit at work in the staff manual...

Disabled persons are now to be reffered to as Differently Abled.


I was lucky enough to have some disabled friends who would come in past work from time to time and I asked tham about it. They were more offended by being called Differently Abled. They all went off on a rant (different people at different times all doing the same thing is great) about how some tight arse down south thinks something is wrong when it clearly isn't and tries to fix it the wrong way (by trying in the first place) and all of them said exactly the same thing when I asked who they thought was responsible.

The Conservitive Party.

I don't know how or why but I agree with them, although I have no evidence as of yet.
(Thu 22nd Nov 2007, 13:11, More)

» School Days

Good old English class
I'll be fair in saying that I went to a school full of nutters and kids that lived for nothing other than disruption. And this little story is the best example of that.

about four weeks into 5th year our teacher leaves for medical reason for 6 months, shame, we actually liked her and she knew how to control a class. She wasn't beyond trying to kill with flying rulers either, which just added to her charm and likability.

However we got lumbered with a new teacher who can't have been more than 6 months in the job and was currently on trial at the school. We'll call her Ms. S and she was quite stunningly beautiful and always wore skirts that started just above the knee or mid thigh. Yes we were horny young teens (and not a girl in our class to oggle over).

Now Phil (one of my class mates) was an outrageous flirt and would pull evey line he could to embarrass her in front of the whole class. This went on for about 3 weeks before the others in the class finally caught on and tried to go even further. It finally escalated over another few weeks to the point where you could see the look of dread in her eyes when our class arrived and within minutes there would be a riot.

After a few days of this one week she finally snapped and stormed out of the class. The class had the victory but it was short lived as she returned with the Head teacher Mr. T (no not the actor) and the main troublemakers were rounded up and and either suspened or given a hefty detention to be carried out over several weeks.

Ms. S left shortly after that and I always feel bad for her because she was actually really nice and gave me a lot of help when I needed it. I was the only one in the class who went to the Head's office after the event happened and asked where she had gone and if he could pass on my and two of the other guys in the class' apologies. Yes I was one of the good guys and while I do have to admit it was funny to see, I do still regret it.

If she'd asked me to stay after class for any reason. I would have, not just because she was hot, but because she was nice too.

Where ever you are Ms. S I hope you are doing well :)
(Wed 4th Feb 2009, 11:31, More)

» How nerdy are you?

Where to begin...
Christ on a bike, lets see...

I was a major wildlife geek at a very early age, I still remember most of the wildlife on 1 series as well as the others.
I was really into military hadware and still am, although I'd probably never use it.
I've played Warhammer and Warhammer 40'000 since I was 11.
I worked for Games Workshop.
I was able to recite all of Eddie Izzards stand up videos word for word, back to back without stopping and with perfect timing.
I have a movie collecion that is slowly taking over my world
I have an anime collection made up of some of the best tv series and movies out there so far.
I'm a HUGE Transformers fan, I have all the current Binaltech and Masterpiece one's as well as my old G1 toys and movie ones.
I have crates full of comics
I have a fair few Graphic Novels
Just about all the books I own are Sci-Fi or Fantasy.
Warhawk player on PS3
World of Warcraft player (too many characters and hours wasted)
Dawn fo War player (loads of fun :D)

I'm sure there's more but I can't think at the moment...
(Fri 7th Mar 2008, 10:54, More)

» Political Correctness Gone Mad

Back in my school days
I think it was Primary 5 or 6 and we some how (this still boggles my mind) got two student teachers. we ended up with them for quite a while, one was not exactly attractive but she was no pile of rhino shit and the other way really quite attractive but more uptight than even the strongest conservative.

So it gets to christmas time once again and we were all asked to bring in music for the chrismas party (primary year 1 - 7 got a day for their own christmas party) so the week before said day was to arrive I had a few frinds round and we we're going through our tapes and I happened to did out a copy of "the very best of Ray Stevens" now it was full of funny songs (not all of them PC) but anyone who had any ethnic variety (all 2 of them) had heard the tape many times before and enjoyed it. So I took the tape to the christmas party.

On revealing it to the teachers they were quite keen to put it on until little miss tighter than a mousies lug gets a hold of the cover and sees one of the song is called "Ahab the Arab" and declaires that the tape can't be played because it could be seen as being racist.

Now the only kid who could have taken any reall offence to it told her to shut up and play it coz he liked it. He was very quickly sent home with a letter of complaint to his parents. Suffice to say most of us were a bit pissed of and started moaning that she was ruining our christmas party.

Most of the parents of the kids I knew got wind of the events that transpired on that day and the barrage of complaints that were launched againt the student teacher was mind boggling. Some of the comments written in those letters of complaint still make me laugh.

She was very quickly dismissed from the school and never seen again (thankfully) by any of the kids.

I'm just glad she read the top bit of the song list, had she gotten any further "Bridget the Midget" might have made her explode. Personally I think she had a grudge against me because I tried to be nice to everyone, I have since changed my way and am only nice to people who deserve it.

Length? about 16 years of bitterness because of that.
(Mon 26th Nov 2007, 12:58, More)
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