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» We have to talk

If you want to traumatize your child...
I was 14 at the time and I grew up in the epitome of suburban America, St. Peters, Missouri.... I had friends that I had known all my life, my entire family all lived within an hour... It was November and my mom picked me up from school and said her own version "we have to talk"..... turns out, my dad's company was being bought out by a larger company in Tennessee and everyone in the ENTIRE company was losing their job except for my dad and his boss. The new company was hiring them, but it meant we were moving...... So, I said goodbye to everyone I had known my entire life, moved to Tennessee that July, and had to start all over again. I'm 20 and I JUST got the chance to see my friends I had grown up with last December when I went back for my best friend's wedding where I was her maid of honor. Luckily my friends and I had been able to maintain our friendship.
(Tue 24th Apr 2007, 7:03, More)

» School Trips

trip to Ireland... sorry for the length, but it is funny
Last summer, I took a three week college course in Ireland along with 15 or so other students/friends. Well, two weeks into the trip, we all had to give a ten minute speech to pretty much everyone important we had met during our stay. Majority of us (students) ranged from 19 to 25 years old and whoever was catering the thing decided to put the free wine bottles on our table. Needless to say, we all had been drinking wine throughout the day as we wrote our speeches and were pretty happy and flushed by the time we had to give our speeches and were even happier to see the free wine on our table.... I was up to glass number 4 by the time I gave my speech..... so, I gave the speech, drank 3 more glasses, and then the event was over. Then the stories started.... aparently, one of the other girls snuck out the window in the women's restroom to avoid everyone and to go back to her hotel room. I needed help back to my room (I was sharing the same room with the other girl too) but as soon as I was there, I tossed off my dress put on my pj's and went back down stairs. Since no one saw me change, but did see my dress on the ground, everyone started saying that I ran off somewhere in my underwear..... not so, I wasn't that out of it. But the next day, the rumors were still flying, I had no hangover what so ever despite the fact that I was one of the drunkest that night, but the window girl did, as well as one other girl....... the three of us were the most fried that previous night...... I was lucky I suppose =)
(Tue 12th Dec 2006, 5:13, More)

» My Collection

music anyone?
Well..... I have a lot of music CDs..... over 200 of them (the last time I counted, over a year ago) and they are all catagorized into genres and are alphbetized within the genre. And when I get a new CD, even if it starts with A in the very first catagory, I will sit there and move every single one of them up one just to keep it all organized.
(Sat 13th Jan 2007, 6:16, More)

» Going Too Far

past roommate... (appologize for the length)
Ok, my first year of college was rough, basically just because of the roommate situation. We were paired up through the school. This roommate supplied absolutely nothiing for our apartment, just her bed, desk, and clothing. I (or my parents) provided everything else, furniture and all. Toward the end of the second semester, she decided she didn't like some of the furniture that was in the apartment, including our couch. I love the couch, it was my grandmother's and barely used. Good lines on it too. Well anyway, when i refused to give up the couch to go buy a new one, she decided to get on the phone with my parents, and proceed to scream at them both (I was actually visiting my parents for that weekend as well, and came down stairs to witness my father telling her life's not fair after she screamed that the couch situation wasn't fair). Well anyway, I won the couch battle but when I returned to the apartment, I discovered that she had given away my grandmother oak glass-top table. That was it, needless to say, I kicked her out the next day.......... b*tch
(Sat 11th Nov 2006, 7:00, More)

» Personal Hygiene

fellow employees
at a past job I had a while back, there was a fellow employee who claimed he'd only shower once a week and didn't wear antiperspirant because he "didn't need it." He said he had no BO...... therefor, since he thought he didn't smell, why shower if he doesn't need it?

........ uh huh........... right

My mom told me of an employee she worked with years ago who would eat SOOO much garlic it would come through his pores and he'd smell like it.
(Sun 25th Mar 2007, 5:26, More)
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