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um... hullo! i'm jett. i freelance at graphic design and play in a band called Betty Machete. that's about all there is to me.

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» Foot in Mouth Syndrome

not me, but my friend, and it was brilliant.
since my friend and i were in junior high, we've been calling our circle of friends our "people". well, we grew up and she got herself a First Nations (is thet the pc way to say it these days?) girlfriend. so anyway, the long and short of it is that the girlfriend's old circle of friends (a group made predominantly of HUGE native men) came to visit. the girlfriend was off getting ready so my friend answered the door. she greeted them politely, then yelled "Sandy! Your People are here!"

the room went silent.
(Fri 23rd Apr 2004, 6:22, More)

» Pure Ignorance

John, Paul, Ringo, and that other guy.
at one point in time i was producing an album for a friend of mine. he's a nice enough guy, but the sort who would own a White Stripes album because it sounds "so retro", then not have anything in his collection pre-dating 1996. i, on the other hand, am a classic rock dj and i know and love that stuff. anyway, any attempt to give Mister Top 40 a musical education thus far has been met with closed-minded proclamations like "I HATE the Rolling Stones!" or "Neil Young has no talent.".

at any rate, one day he was playing a new guitar riff for me. i was digging it, and said "Hey, that's pretty good! would you be offended if i told you it sounded really George Harrison?"

"Nah," was his reply. "I don't even know who that is".

he was dead-serious, folks. i think my brain made an audible fizzling sound right then and there...
(Sun 9th Jan 2005, 1:03, More)

» Premonitions

it seems i can kill Rock stars...
by merely talking about them.

it struck me as a little odd that Skip Spence died the day after i had been having a chat with a friend about Moby Grape.

Rick Danko was next. i'm a huge fan of The Band, but still, it was a little odd. my mother teased me about it a little when i mentioned that it had happened with Skippy as well...

George Harrison wasn't a HUGE shock really. he'd been going downhill for a while, and who doesn't talk about The Beatles all the time?

John Entwisle... slightly more obscure than George, but still not unbelievable. what can i say -- i'm a musician myself. i yap about musicians all the time.

Zal Yanovsky... okay now THIS is where i started getting really paranoid...

but for the record, i did NOT kill any Ramones.
(Sun 21st Nov 2004, 3:44, More)

» You're a moviestar baby

not a movie...
but i did once accidentally get "cast" as a drunk driver in a newscast, due to some hackjob editing.

one night i innocently drove through a routine checkstop. i answered the usual "have-you-been-drinking and is-there-alcohol-in-the-vehicle style of questions, then was asked if i'd mind if they used footage of the checkstop on the news. i agreed - no big deal - and was on my way.

well, apparently the newscast said something to the effect of "checkstop season is in full swing", showed the clip of me saying i hadn't been drinking, then directly after the clip, the announcer said "it didn't take police long to make an arrest"

sooo before you know it, my phone's ringing off the hook with friends asking me how i could be so STUPID and what was i thinking, etc. etc.

i spent a good part of the evening assuring people that the clip of me was to supplement the statement "Checkstop season is in full swing"...
(Mon 15th Nov 2004, 5:08, More)

» Evidence that you're getting old

sports.. music... crime.
the only athletes that still look like "men" to me play baseball. or curling.

i'll be hanging out in the greenroom with bands they send to open for mine (or, on occasion, bands my band gets sent to open for), unsure if i should be offering the members beers or chocolate milk.

people being arrested are frequently younger than myself... it's so wierd to hear "a 20 year old man was involved in a fatal stabbing", and realize the dude is younger than my kid sister, despite the fact i still can't shake the mentality that she's my KID sister.
(Fri 29th Oct 2004, 1:26, More)
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