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Yoo way?

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my first (intentional) bandwagon

edit: muchas thankie!
(Mon 15th Mar 2004, 23:10, More)

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» Stupid Tourists

An idiotic American man, woman, or couple asked for directions or mentioned an English place name, and mispronounced it!

He/she/they moronically thought that the "gh" in the word in question was pronounced like "f", or was silent, or pronounced the "cester" like 'ces-ter,' exactly how it's spelled! Fucking moron(s)! It was hilarious!

I laughed until I had a coughing fit.
Er, I lowed until I had a cowing fit. In sluff.
(Fri 8th Jul 2005, 11:04, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

God almighty
Q: Who's smoked more poles than your mum?

A: Himmler.
(Wed 7th Dec 2005, 11:20, More)

» Teenage Poetry

doggerel in iambic tetrameter?
"The Ballad of Frog Scat Artichoke"

I as a fun funamulist,
in follow Susan roquefort piss.
For plethora retarded gay,
Celine Dion jurassic pay.

Immaculate regurgitate,
and flyer steeple simple date,
for all of n in one to ten,
Maurice, Maurice, Maurice, again.

Stochastic phlegm of fiddle went,
correct in typecast children lent.
Geronimo if forecast slay,
a god, terrific sponge, hooray!

And now a dirge in spanking hole,
fluorescent man in house of vole.
To wit, a speaking laughing train,
O poet, poet, now refrain.
(Thu 11th Aug 2005, 23:00, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

what's worse than Seeing people using joke formats to make complaints about seeing the same complaint of seeing the same jokes over and over over and over?
Your mum.

With whom I had sex, by the way.
(Wed 7th Dec 2005, 11:22, More)

» Posh

i'm bloody posh
I ordered wine in a restaurant on Friday.
(Sun 18th Sep 2005, 13:49, More)
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