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The 3D Voice chat server I run with a friend in california


Mr Stabby Clock and more!

Withnail and I - Sound board one(340k)

my first real FLASH attempt, the other was director.

moved on to SWishMAX, now i like this.

medical soundboard(185k)
done in swishmax, the scripting for the eyes and face were 'orrible.

been arseing about with director,
heres what i came up with. its only 35k so no biggy

loaves and fishes

my favorite post of MINE so far is.

followed by

I have an allegro, so does my mum!
that isnt it though, mine is 'child sick green'
and is 29 years old!
(my mums is 31!)

damn good car no matter what anyone says
I love my allegro!
(chevettes can go to hell)

I use a program called Traveler, an awful lot.
In fact I was responsible for making it work again when it was moved from Onlive.com to digitalspace.com, I did all the updates, and program changes, with NO SOURCE CODE, all reverse engineered, also make it 5000% more secure and stable at the same time, changed the scripting language, and made a room conveter.
then the sever with the 100+ avatars and 26 rooms I made disappeared, dont you just hate it when that happens?

Still they are all back working again, on Ozgate.com

anyway, traveler is good fun, its 3d, voice enabled, and unlike anything you've ever experienced its worth a visit.

the main server IMO

oh and the I made the 'title image' too.

you'll see my name in the Aout tab, its Stuart King.
if you do go there, go find Oz, and give him my regards.


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robots play games too.

(Tue 6th Apr 2004, 17:06, More)

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» Foot in Mouth Syndrome

another one.
this is about 1995, i had a small red fiat 126, (704cc 26bhp) and was driving home from a pub at about 2am, (as you do) wasnt drunk, had had 2 pints of watered down bitter all night.
I had smoked some big cigars though (as you do).

i wanted to get home quick, so drove the little fiat, how I normal drive it, to within an inch of death. I turned into my street and parked up, got out and saw a police senator (3000cc 230bhp) come into my street at a perculiar angle at some speed.

Aparently they had been chasing me for the last 10 miles. (i used ot go about 24 miles to the pub, as it was a favorite, and could do it in 16-18 minutes which is damn impressive for a 126) they stopped angrily by the car, adn the driver got out, (the passenger police man was having trouble containing his laughter)

"Are you a rally driver?", he asked.

"Oh I drive like that all the time" was my answer.

after a good 10 minutes or so of conversation, the police officers we're alright about it, surprised by the way I could handle this patheticly small vvehicle, and the passenger told me all the expletives the driver had been using directed soley at the Senator.

So was all good, wasn't going to do anything, was dazzled I think by my cander.

then the question came.
"So where have you been?"

oh I've been to the pub all night" said I.

hmm, now thats putting your foot in it.

I passed the breathalizer though, and started to see the passenger cop at the same pub every now and then.

moral of the story is
"TELL THE TRUTH it confuses them"
(Tue 20th Apr 2004, 22:58, More)

» Foot in Mouth Syndrome

it was sometime mid june, in about 1992.
someone hit the back of my car (it was a crappy mini at the time but i thought it was made of solid gold) and we stopped and started giving insurance details etc, it was their fault, no question of that, trying to be as friendlya s possible the guy was chatty, and said how he was sorry, and he'd inconvienienced me and all that
and i said,
"Well, I was just going to get my CAR TAX....."
(Tue 20th Apr 2004, 22:44, More)

» Booze Related Disasters

lager and bitter memories
when i'd not long left school, back in 1989, i who had never drank before, got into a drinking cometition, after 9 pints of 'snakebite', i finally agreed that i had lost.
after this its a bit fuzzy.
i do remember being in someones house, dont know whos, and breaking a plate on purpose.

also remember smelling a lawn, throwing up and after some dark brown haze theres a memory of being in hospital with my hand badaged up and only wearing underpants.

this put me off alcohol, infact, i dont drink at all now, and havnt done for at least 6 years or more.

on that point, i think i'll go have a coffee...

spoons and mouse trousers

(Fri 19th Mar 2004, 2:42, More)