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Hello all of you crazy folks. My name is Dan and I'm a chemist :(

This bores me to tears so I can largely be found prodding the internet or playing Wolfenstein:ET.

dan _ barker _ is at hotmail com (sans spaces)

Here's some stuff what I have made.

Gestures rock

First B3ta:

Not entirely shit ones with animals:

first anim:

second anim:

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» Singing the wrong words

My mother
has produced a few classics of these. Back in the day when Gangsta's paradise (Coolio) first came out, she was entirely convinced that it was Nipple Testers Paradise.

If you listen carefully, you can just about hear it, but to be honest I reckon its time to ship the daft old bat out to a home
(Tue 1st Feb 2005, 16:54, More)

» Petty Sabotage

+toothbrush + soap= rewenge!
(Wed 4th May 2005, 11:09, More)

» Best Comebacks

i play online games

yes actually, my mother was from Mexico, and my dad was a hebrew iguana, so...
(Thu 29th Apr 2004, 14:57, More)