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Back when I used to post here (when I was 13/14 years old) I was an absolute ASS. I apologize to anyone I pissed off with my idiocy.

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» Lost...

I lost all of my data,including porn,when my HDD crashed.
god i need a girlfriend.
(Wed 8th Dec 2004, 15:05, More)

» Foot in Mouth Syndrome

While at school...
...i yelled at a shithead of a teacher to look 'cool' "your mom is so fat she played pool with the planets" his mum died the next day of a heart attack due to morbid obesity *cringes*

i also whipped a kid in the face with a skipping rope and said whhopcha his dad had died two days before that...at a rodeo

i also found a dead cat up my mortal enemys street so i dropped it on his doorstep rang the bell and ran...it was his cat

1 more to go

my freinds dog died on a weekend so i didn't find out about it till monday anywho it was raining pretty hard so i ran into the classroom and yelled its raining cats and DOGS

sorry about my biggetry
(Wed 21st Apr 2004, 19:30, More)

» Posh

Not exactly posh,
But i was emailed a while ago by Mugambo Bianto from Nigeria. He wanted me to transport $2000000 American through my bank account and said that I was a descendant of his dead uncle.
(Fri 16th Sep 2005, 8:15, More)

» Scary Neighbours

Ok, that is rather worrying...
I just looked out the window, cos' i could hear a really annoying noise, turns out my neighbour is vacuuming his driveway.Nothing abnormal about that.
(Fri 2nd Sep 2005, 3:08, More)

» Embarrassing Injuries

I'm getting a
dremel rotary tool tomorrow.expect a LOT of posts.
(Tue 7th Sep 2004, 6:01, More)
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