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My site: www.madrabbit.com. Now with kitten randomizer!

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I think b3ta should use a 404 page like mine (NSFE). It's fun.

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» When Animals Attack

eels: not as bad as camels
For a few years in my mid-to-late 20's I had a saltwater aquarium, 75 gallons, quite nice. After I'd had it a while, I bought a snowflake moray eel. We fed the vegetarian fish little globs of algae and fish food, and we fed the lionfish live goldfish.

The moray was probably 10" when I bought him. A few months later he's doubled in size, and he knows that when the top of the tank opens, food is coming. So instead of waiting like a good little eel, he starts *darting* at the hole in the top of the tank. And he can launch himself a good six or seven inches out of the water. So I'm reduced to flinging open the top, dropping pellets and live fish in and withdrawing as quickly as possible. Until one day I was too slow, and that little fish-fucker sunk his needle-sharp teeth into my finger and just hung on. It hurt like fuck and all I could do was flail my bleeding finger around until he got annoyed and dropped off.

So after that, we netted him, bagged him, and took him back to the fish store, which bought him back for three time what we'd paid for him.

Also, he ate our hermit crab.
(Tue 29th Apr 2008, 5:49, More)

» Ignoring Instructions

years and years ago
My sister's best friend decided that as a young woman of 14 years, it was time to switch from pads to tampons. She didn't bother to read how the "plastic applicator" part of a tampon works, and just stuck the whole thing up there and left it that way. It didn't work very well. Ewww.

(Wed 10th May 2006, 7:50, More)

» World of Random

at my local park
Sign says Do Not Read
too late.
(Sat 23rd Apr 2011, 1:10, More)

» Dumb things you've done

the dumbest thing I've ever heard
A good college friend was once engaged to a very nice woman whose smoking hot body was matched only by the mind-boggling stupidity of the things that came out of her mouth. The one that stuck in my memory came during a game of Scrabble, when she asked if it was okay to use "ebonics-type" slang words (if you don't already know, "ebonics" means African-American urban vernacular language, ie, rapper-talk).

By way of example, she used her word in a sentence for us. The sentence, in its entirety, was "I seen the big bird."

The "slang" word she wanted to use was "seen."

Yes, Kristen. You seen the big bird.


(Mon 24th Dec 2007, 6:58, More)

» Awesome teachers

Rosalind Gow of Madison, Wisconsin, circa 1986-87
Roz, if you're reading this, I don't have a particular story to tell, but you belong on this list.

For those of you not Roz, sorry for wasting your time.
(Thu 24th Mar 2011, 3:48, More)
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