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Tea Time
Oh well here is my poor effort.

A few months ago my boss was giving me a really hard time at work, everything I did was wrong, couldn’t do anything right. During the afternoon he had me type up this long document and being a rush job (I mean who gives their secretary an urgent document to type up at 12.30 p.m., when he needs it for a meeting at 1.00 !!). Anyway, there were a "few" spelling mistakes in it, only one or two, and during the meeting he picked these up and ripped into me calling me dyslexic, stupid the works.

At 1.30 he asked me to make tea for him and his clients, so off I trot to the kitchen to make tea. Anyhow, I made his clients a nice cuppa but when I opened the bin to throw the teabags away I saw some old, smelly, cold used ones from the morning break … so being the nice person I am, I used the ones out of the bin to make his tea with. He drank it, nothing was said, and later that afternoon when the meeting ended he even commented that it was a loverly cuppa.
(Fri 14th May 2004, 23:35, More)