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i really should be working...

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» Sleepwalking

my partner has suffered from sonambulism since childhood. Usually it isnt a problem as i am a very light sleeper and can keep an eye out, but if i have to go away for work i never know what i will come home to.
In 4 years of living together there has been:
*using the cloak room as a toilet, the only use of this was that i realised more dietry fibre was needed. I couldnt bare to part with one pair of boots that got a direct hit, and they are now called 'The Shat-In Boots'.
*shredding my best linen and making knotted rope and hanging it out of the window (bedroom is ground floor)
*arrested for trying to get into our old house naked at 5am
*redecorating the living room with bright red car paint, haivng actually covered all furniture carefully in dust sheets

we have tried clinics, meds, the only thing that works is tying the mad bastard to the bed.
Not very funny, but true and cathartic.
(Mon 27th Aug 2007, 22:53, More)