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» Road Rage

I commute...
...over 60 miles by car every day, to get home in the evening, I'm forced to negotiate a large portion of Leeds city center loop.
A few months ago, I was driving towards leeds on the M62, when a complete cunt in a Volvo, came flying past me, weaving through traffic, undertaking, and generally being a prick.
After some time, I ended up on the city center loop with him in front of me, still acting like a twat,forcing his way into gaps too small for his car etc. As we reached the part of the loop which goes past the station, the Volvo driver swerved into another lane, very narrowly missing a white van, at that point the traffic came to a halt. The driver of the white van (a 6 foot 6 blonde rugby player type) got out of his cab, walked around to the front of the Volvo, and promptly kicked in both headlights.
The Volvo driver did absolutely nothing, and drove very politely from that point on.
(Sun 15th Oct 2006, 21:24, More)

» Useless advice

Upon losing something, being told "try to think where you where when you last had it"

If I could remember that I wouldn't have fucking lost it.
(Sun 22nd Oct 2006, 21:44, More)

» Local Nutters

Colin the cunt
Was the name of our local nutter, he used to live on our housing estate when I was a teenager. Aparently he was normal once, but had some form of horrific industrial accident. He did all sorts, he was about 37 and used to have a bike with a trailer attached that he made himself, it was about the size of a mini, and we never found out what it contained. He would aproach a large group of teenaged boys, and shout "fucking coppers" at the top of his voice and then run away as fast as he could....the funiest thing I ever saw him doing though, was riding a moped, with no crash helmet, at about 20mph on a 60mph dual carriageway, with a bottle of diamond white in one hand, and a portable stereo taped to the handlebars playing the pet shop boys at full volume.
(Fri 17th Sep 2004, 20:47, More)