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» Barred

Not me but a mate
One of the backpacker bars in Kings Cross, Sydney usually has a weekly happyhour event called toss-the-boss where after ordering drinks at the bar you toss the bartender for them and if you win you get those drinks free. Anyways Big John wins the toss and in celebration thrusts his arms up in the air and knocks down the entire rack of wine glasses hung over the bar.

He wasn't even allowed to finish the drinks he just won.
(Tue 5th Sep 2006, 4:22, More)

» Road Trip

I saw a VW van with Swiss plates
in British Columbia last week. I'll bet they've got some stories.
(Sat 16th Jul 2011, 4:51, More)

» Ouch!

Power tools
I can't recall what my most painful experience was but I can tell you that surprisingly it wasn't the time I ran my hand through a table saw. Probably didn't hurt that much because I severed some nerves and still have limited sensation in part of my hand and one finger.
(Thu 29th Jul 2010, 22:20, More)