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Im a graphic designer that went wrong.
cant do animations tho...ne1 want to teach me?

this is an oise oise...porpoise tortoise cross :)

his name is Pete

And for a happier saviour

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» Injured Siblings

She wasnt injured, but she hates me telling this story
My little sister Laura, has an irrational fear of David Bowie. This started when she first saw one of the last scenes in Labyrinth, where he has very big hair and is wearing very tight tights.

Being the loving sister that i am, i started playing her bowie songs so she became petrified of his voice aswell.

Then i told her David Bowie lived under her bed. before she went to sleep at night, dad had to look under her bed to make sure that David Bowie wasnt there.

That was fun enough, but i had to take it that little bit furthur.

I heard the song 'Under Pressure' which is Bowie, but also Freddie Mercury...now laura didnt know who Freddie was, so i showed her lots of pictures of him looking relativly scary...and being about 6 or 7, she was scared. I then made sure she knew the song Under Pressure, and also realised that it was Bowie and Freddie. She became rather scared of the song and would cry every time it was on.

I then told her that Freddie Mercury lived in her wardrobe.

So now we have a young girl who is scared that David Bowie is under her bed and Freddie Mercury is in the wardrobe. Thats scary, thats mean enough...but it wasnt for me.

One night, after reinforcing her belifs about the monsters in the closet, I got up at about 3am. I sat in the hallway outside her room, and plugged in a tape player which had been set so that when i pressed play, it played about 10 seconds of silence, then Under Pressure started. I then opened her door just a crack, enough to be able to slide the tape player in, but no lights on in her room or the hallway.

I then pressed play.

She had nightmares for years.

She hates me telling people this story, but she's 19 and is still scared of David Bowie to the extent that she will cry if she sees him on tele.

(Thu 25th Aug 2005, 9:48, More)

» My Biggest Disappointment

After all the hype before i turned 18, it turned out to be a pretty sh*t day. As i was the 1st one of my friends to turn 18, and we all still looked about 12, none of them would come out with me cos they got turned away due to lack of ID. So i ended up spending my 18th birthday at home alone. with a bottle of WKD Blue.

Anyhow, with my 21st birthday approaching, i began to remind everyone how sh*t my 18th had been, and how theres was all so much better as there were more people willing to go out drinking with them. So it was agreed. We would celebrate my 21st.

My mum wanted to take me for a meal 1st, as she had done with my elder sister for her 21st. This would have been absolutly lovely, apart from my neice was up (she was about 2 at the time) And my family dont see her much with her being in Leeds and us not being. So the entire meal was centred around my neice being cute. Noone sang me happy birthday. The only person who mentioned it was the waitress as she said to me (while everyone else was fussing over neice) "who's birthday is it as we normally give them a cocktail and we like to bring it out as a surprise"

Ahwell, meal was a let down, but its ok, cos there are 30 mates waiting to meet me in Yates! (my sisters also tag along, not wanting to go home yet)

Arrive at Yates...noone. Not a single person i have ever met before.

My sisters suggest we try another few of my haunts. So we go round 4 different pubs. Eventually finding my mate Simon who it seems arrived late after we had left Yates and has been going round my haunts in the opposite direction.

Ok, so its just me, my 2 sisters and my mate Simon. This could still be good.

Half an hour after meeting Simon, he gets a phone call. He is unfortunatly on call and has to go. He apologises and leaves.

My little sister suggests we go to the night club. Elder sister is tired and gets a taxi home.

We turn up at the night club and 1st person my little sister sees is a lad she works with she's fancied for ages. She takes him away to dance and eat his face off.

So its 11pm. Its my 21st birthday. And im sat, on my own, in a nightclub, drinking a bottle of WKD Blue.

I dont like birthdays. (apologies for length but i was so deflated and it still really gets me...my 25th is next year. I think im just gonna get a bottle of WKD Blue in and watch Eastenders)
(Fri 27th Jun 2008, 13:37, More)

» The last thing that made me cry

im crying right now.
got loads of bills threw my door this morning and work wont pay me my last pay cheque of £1000 and i have £950 of debt to pay and hsbc just told me theyre charging me another £30. Thats £20 i have to live on until i can get another job. No food, no rent, no nothing.

Im screwed.
(Thu 14th Apr 2005, 13:36, More)

» How I Skive Off Work

not so much a skive cos i was actually in the lesson
but i took furthur maths at 6th form. i was crap at it. seems my gcse grade was a fluke. my pure teacher, mr. edwards, didnt want me to give up, so he used to help me, but the stats teacher, mr. itherald (sp) didnt care. abuot anything. apart from stats. so i spent my stats lessons drawing.

for some reason the desk i sat at in maths, was one of those old ones with the lift up lid and the inkwell (this was only 4 years ago) and the wood is so soft, so i spent 4 hrs every week defacing the table with pictures and quotes.

they still haevnt got rid of the desk...even tho you cant write on it anymore because its so lumpy. tis my gift to the college :) altho people are adding things now :)

sorry for length.
(Mon 2nd May 2005, 11:30, More)

» Claims to Fame

Was watching the news the other day
and saw one of my form on tele. By my form, i mean, i was their form prefect...to me theyre all about 14.

Anyhow, hes playing for Middlesborough it seems, i didnt realise he was old enough for that.People probably arent aware of him like, James Morrison (or mozza as he was at school)

I like to think that my fantastic prefecting skills aided him in his rise to the fame :)
(Mon 28th Feb 2005, 8:21, More)
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