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» It was a great holiday, but...

never take drugs on a school trip
a trip to paris with an 1/8 of weed will end up with 8 weeks exclusion. Beware.
(Mon 25th Apr 2005, 15:57, More)

» Useless Information

The largest living thing in the world
is neither a blue whale, or a redwood tree. It is infact a mushroom, which covers hundreds of acres of woods linked underground.

Pingu is the most famous penguin ever to have lived.
(Thu 17th Mar 2005, 20:34, More)

» Dentists

My dentist
is called Paul Weller. True Story.
(Sat 4th Nov 2006, 17:27, More)

» Rock and Roll Stories

The Pouges
Brandy isn't their only request. A friend's dad runs the festival Guilfest, where they played last year. They demanded a tent be put up right next to the stage at the back, so shane could jack up. Nice.
(Thu 29th Jun 2006, 18:05, More)

» Guilty Pleasures

that reminds me
The other day I got a call saying Id won a free holiday. When I told the young man that Id rather stick my dick in a sausage slicer than go on his stupid fucking holiday he was quite shocked. His response was "You dont want a free holiday?" at this point I got tired of talking to him, so my response was "why dont you go on the fucking holiday?" before hanging up.
(Wed 13th Apr 2005, 11:47, More)
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