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» Essential Items

Lucky Silver Dollar
I was given an American Silver dollar by my dad when i was young. I carry it with me everywhere. When i was in Baghdad a couple of years ago a baddie took a potshot at me and the bloke i was with. My lucky Silver Dollar was in my breast pocket at the time...I didn't usually keep it in this particular pocket, but for some reason slipped it in there that particular morning.
You'll never guess what happened? Yep that's right...the lad with me took the bullet in his leg.
Now that's what i call a lucky Silver dollar...
(Thu 27th Oct 2005, 14:21, More)

» The most cash I've ever carried

Whilst serving in Iraq...
...I was sent from the South of the country, up to Baghdad. Every week the Force Cashier used to have to go up and drop off cash for the detachment up there. Because flying in a lumbering C-130 was quite risky, and seeing as I was going up there anyway, he asked me to take the cash for him. So, after finishing a 24 hour duty at 0700 he came to see me and we counted out $47,000 in various denominations (it took ages). I stuffed it all into my rucksack and set off for Basra airport.

Now, whether it was a combination of exhaustion, or just the fact I can't be trusted I proceeded to leave my bag lying around unattended not just once but three times over the course of the next 3 hours waiting for the plane.

Luckily the bag was still there everytime I returned in a blind panic and I flew up to Baghdad with the booty. Upon arrival, the guy who was supposed to relieve me of the cash had been deployed further up North for a few days so I had to keep hold of the $47000 whilst living and working surrounded by crooks and lowlifes.

Never again do I want to be trusted with that kind of money, in cash, in a place like that...
(Sun 25th Jun 2006, 12:50, More)

» Rock and Roll Stories

Only today...
Not much of a story in terms of incident, but whilst at work this afternoon, I met Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame) who was flying out with about 15 other people, including his horn section, and then 30 minutes later literally bumped into Anthony Kiedis from the Chilli Peppers. I turned round and the other three (Chad, Flea and John) were stood staring. None of them own laptop computers fact-fans.
Tomorrow night I get to meet The Who. Well, Roger and Pete at least seeing as Keith and John are dead.
By strange coincidence Pink Floyd and The Who are my two most favoritist bands ever and the Chillis are in the Top 5. I'm too cool to ask for autographs or photos though. Unfortunately.
(Thu 29th Jun 2006, 19:50, More)