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My flickr thingy

How to fix stuff :-
1. hit it with a hammer
if this fails to work
2.hit it harder
if this still doesnt work
3.get a bigger hammer

Ah memories, the first time you ever saw....

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» Winging It

winging a test, wing wung wtf anyway
I was bored one day and my lectures had finished early so I went in to a uni lecture with my (then) girlfriend in a religion and theology course, there was a test, I only just passed
(Wed 3rd Apr 2013, 22:08, More)

» Shit Stories: Part Number Two

i have ulcerative colitis and when its bad i have to go to the loo up to ten times a day,shitting a lovely mixture of shit, blood, mucous, diarrhoea, and sometimes just blood. this goes on for days and can catch you in all sorts of places. For example, getting to work early and not being able to get in to poo and shitting in the drain round the back.
Or walking along the street and having to run to someones driveway and shitting on the side of their path.
What fun i have with my bum.
(Fri 28th Mar 2008, 18:17, More)

» Shit Stories: Part Number Two

with a rucksack on my back
I partook in a study which involved collecting stool samples on a daily basis for 8 weeks, which was rather strange to begin with having to poo in a bag and take it back to the lab at regular intervals. But i got used to this and got a bit of cash to help my student funds.
One weekend my friend asked if i fancied going camping and fishing so i said yeah nice one and off we went. I took along the collection bags and filled them up daily, although as you can imagine that carrying your own shit in a bag for 3 days in the height of summer is rather disgusting. Each day my friend would walk a little further ahead of me and I thought I was going slow untill the wind changed direction and I realised i smelt like a walking cesspit.
This did not stop me from catching a few fish, so all in all a good trip.
(Fri 28th Mar 2008, 8:20, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

How many women does it take to decorate a room?
Depends how thinly you slice them
(Sat 8th Apr 2006, 15:27, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

Why do black men always get killed first in wars?
Because when the sargeant shouts GET DOWN! they all start dancing
(Sat 8th Apr 2006, 15:23, More)
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