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» The last thing that made me cry

i seem to cry at anything lately
reading through this weeks replies has used half a box of tissues.
cried quite a lot when my wife dumped my arse but that turned out to be a trial run for how i've been feeling lately.two years ago i met the most amazing woman ever and we love each other so much it's scary.for various reasons we can't be together though and hardly ever get to see each other despite our feelings.
needless to say i now cry like a bairn at virtually anything and every song i own reminds me of her.
my sis and her mates took me out to make me feel better a while back and i ended up sitting alone in the beer garden at midnight in the pishing rain blubbing like a 3 year old girl.self pity sucks arse :o(
apologies for length etc etc
edit : also the aforementioned sis is suffering depression at the moment ( seems to be popular in the family ) and my brother is in and out of hospital for radiation therapy after having a lump removed from his throat and we're hoping it hasn't spread elsewhere ( looking good at the moment...only half decent news lately )
(Fri 15th Apr 2005, 2:26, More)

» Near Death Experiences

just a couple
2 alcohol and 1 tablet induced stomach pumping sessions.Several bike crashes including one on the same spot a schoolmate had died 2 weeks previously ( aint moto x fun ) and 2 car crashes.Always fun watching a bonnet crumple towards you and wondering wether your legs are gonna crumple next.That is all.Bit dull really.

ps. In the last 18 months my girfriend's been in 2 crashes with buses,wrote off both cars and didn't get a scratch thank fuck.

pps. Suppose i should mention the dodgy as fuck shaped vertebrae i now have thanks to landing head first at about 50 mph.Really fuckin glad i had a helmet on that time.Apologies for length,thanks for helmets.
(Fri 26th Nov 2004, 0:52, More)