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I AM big. It's the pictures that got small.

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» Stupid Tourists

As an American, I'm grateful to have read these replies
I've found them enlightening.
It's both amusing and oddly comforting to know that knee-jerk, hypocritical, uninformed xenophobia is not merely an American trait.
I'm also feeling better about never having been able to afford to go overseas, as I work hard for what money I have and I don't fancy spending it someplace where I'll be hated for an accident of birth.

And you don't want me there anyway.

We both win! Thanks, b3ta!
(Sun 10th Jul 2005, 16:28, More)

» Why should you be fired from your job?

Why should I be fired from my job?
Because it would be the most merciful thing they could do for me.
(Fri 10th Aug 2007, 11:03, More)

» Missing body parts

Parts I've parted with
- adenoids
- tonsils
- four wisdom teeth
- portions of both ovaries
- half a thyroid

My doctor has told me to have my gallbladder out, as it is currently housing a pet rock, but I'm not anxious to have more parts yanked. I'm fond of my parts; they're what I'm made of.
(Sat 3rd Jun 2006, 2:52, More)

» Inappropriate crushes

I guess this is as good a place as any
to declare my undying love for, i.e. lame-ass crush on, Christopher Walken.

I'd explain, but hell, I don't understand it.
(Fri 29th Sep 2006, 2:30, More)

» Beautiful Moments

reliable moments of beauty
lying in bed and having kitties jump up and lie next to you so you can hold them as a child holds a stuffed animal. and you all sleep peacefully.

warm, sunny mornings that are quiet save for the sounds of nature.

the taste of really good food, especially if it's something you've been craving and haven't had in a while.

oh, and orgasms.
(Fri 11th Mar 2005, 23:40, More)
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