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» Injured Siblings

pre computer fun
i remember me and my best mate stan making our own gliders out of balsa wood, well we didnt have any metal the right weight to get level flight so we added sewing pins to the front poking through the front of the nose tip, it looked like a flying hedgehog

well the inaugarul flight time arrived we threw the glider into the air, it did a couple of back summersaults and stuck in my sisters face.

there was only 17 1.5 inch sewing pins as ballast and to bring the nose down.

funny enough me and stan never did get a job in the aerospace industry.
(Tue 23rd Aug 2005, 17:02, More)

» Presents

Xmas bah humbug
me being an almost bankrupt out of work unix techie at the moment means my missus is gonna have to get a visit from the red ribbon i used last time i was skint, which all depends on me finding a web site that will show me how to tie nice bows on my dick. well it worked 15 yrs ago why not this yr
(Fri 27th Nov 2009, 13:14, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

always makes the girls cringe
Q: Why dont women like sex in the morning.

A: have you ever tried opening a cold cheese toastie.
(Tue 14th Feb 2006, 14:39, More)

» Failed Projects

not my project but one from last weeks newsletter
i am sure rob does this to get us ready for a fail on friday


total fail now the pubs open and its weekend
(Fri 4th Dec 2009, 18:21, More)