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» Local Nutters

local nutters
We have a small army of local nutters...I think the area attracts them to the seaside town of Blackpool they all seem to end up here..My favorite is RUNNING BACKWARDS MAN who can be seen doing just that in the town centre. People stop just to watch him running up and down the town centre running in and out of shops backwards. The scary thing is its not even a backwards jog it is a full speed running backward sprint between shop windows. Aged between 40 - 60 dressed in a full length coat and flat cap neatly attired and clean shaven. You can go 3 or four months without seeing him then bang there he is again,first saw him round about 1990 and once twice a year since then saw him again last year..I wonder if he is on holiday and that that expains the gaps or is he on day release on his better days? best time to see him is the run up to christmas never seen him fall or bump into anyone I have seen him bring the town centre to a standstill as people stand agog.
(Sun 19th Sep 2004, 11:29, More)