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sites i've made include:

lovely, lovely nerds. With an RSS Feed!

I don't know much about Flash.

A sortable, randomisable, automatically updated gallery of stuff I made for b3ta.*

I also made a random ebay feedback generator

*if you'd like the code that generates the gallery, just ask me and it's yours. a few quick values changed and it's your own gallery.

this is me on my way to cambridge to deliver lemons to Wifey for her gin and tonic:

click me! i lead to a mysterious gallery!


freshlegs at herdofnerds dot net

Recent front page messages:

Polar bears cover their noses to hide from their prey
but what about their claws?
(Sun 12th Oct 2003, 16:11, More)

suspension must always be fitted correctly!
this turtle has never managed to cross the road. don't let this happen to you!
(Tue 29th Jul 2003, 23:20, More)

in nature, seals are often tickled until they are sick
oh, the hugh manatee! won't someone stop this cruelty?
This is a fact.
(Tue 22nd Jul 2003, 21:55, More)

possum opossum!
i love how you swing,
with your tail wrapped around
a branch in a ring
just don't eat my bugs, ok?
possum opossum!
look how you twirl
with your tail curled around
and your fur in a whirl
(Thu 17th Jul 2003, 22:25, More)

baby furtive bears are trained early in the art of theft.
(Wed 18th Jun 2003, 20:11, More)

To the rescue!
i require no payment! only bamboo!
(Sun 8th Jun 2003, 21:30, More)

this man's debut performance was an unrivaled disaster: kids! know your shoes!
tappety-tappedy-tap! tap! tap!
(Fri 23rd May 2003, 22:47, More)

i haven't seen him since we got back from the vet!
(Sun 11th May 2003, 20:20, More)

rock!: the downfall of the cubs of today.
I... wanna rock and roll all niiight! and par-ty every day!
(Fri 2nd May 2003, 22:39, More)

and finally, Mountain Rescue Fish returns to his beloved family...
daddy! it's like you never left! did you leave?

a mere 10 seconds earlier...

(Wed 30th Apr 2003, 23:03, More)

an anonymous gift is left for the mountain rescue fish...

edit: previous adventures
(Thu 24th Apr 2003, 22:06, More)

Sinister Cat and his Classic Traps #9
now easter will belong to me! mwaaa ha haa!

(Mon 21st Apr 2003, 16:10, More)

famed for his sensitivity and realism, he loves his work
ooo! OOO! oo ooo aaaa!
(Sat 19th Apr 2003, 18:15, More)

The windmill would pay dearly for its capture of the fair maiden
never fear, dearest maiden! i shall rescue you!
(Tue 1st Apr 2003, 22:42, More)

A horde of ninja pirates riding a giant rooster attack the robotic pineapple corps commander!
Ninja Pirates drink all the time and never eat oranges. If that's not true power what is?
Made in ultimate collaboration with Quelabra!
number 1
number 2
(Sun 30th Mar 2003, 15:16, More)

lunchtimes are chaos at the School for Electrical Utilities
you squashed my banana!
(Tue 25th Mar 2003, 20:40, More)

snail nobility
air hair lair!
(Sat 22nd Mar 2003, 17:20, More)

pandas never get around to mating, because they're too busy playing
(Sun 16th Mar 2003, 22:05, More)

on friday nights, red pandas like to hang out with girls and listen to rock music
and not come home until dawn!
(Fri 14th Mar 2003, 21:58, More)

Is there a tiny homunculus that sits at a control panel inside of us?
A speedy victory is the main object in war

clicky for small
this is a freshlegs and Quelabra joint effort. hooray for collaborations!
(Sun 2nd Mar 2003, 16:31, More)

mr happy smiley goat in the offlicense

more mr happy smiley goat
(Fri 28th Feb 2003, 21:35, More)

Stars of the 80s, where are they now?: He-Man

(Thu 20th Feb 2003, 15:07, More)


(Wed 12th Feb 2003, 0:07, More)

Failed Scientists: Isaac Chewton
now what was i thinking about?
other failures
(Sat 8th Feb 2003, 18:47, More)

the highlight of the circus was always the yakrobats
(Wed 5th Feb 2003, 19:51, More)

pollination? bah! this is what they do all day:
who's it?
(Wed 5th Feb 2003, 16:10, More)

the engineers suspected a flaw somewhere in their design
who scoped this project?!
(Mon 27th Jan 2003, 16:56, More)

without knowing how he'd got up there,
how would he ever find a way down?
nnnngg! getting hungry...
(Fri 24th Jan 2003, 14:16, More)

tips for evil genii #1
servals can be easily hypnotised to do your bidding.
i... will... eat... the... people
(Sun 19th Jan 2003, 21:06, More)

what luck!
(Sun 12th Jan 2003, 14:00, More)

we made this!
hampstead heath is covered in snow. spacefish and i built this snowman.

(Wed 8th Jan 2003, 16:50, More)

cows and horses? have you ever seen them in the same room?
moo and neigh!

this is a bastardisation of rogan's idea. any faults in its interpretation/execution are solely my own
(Thu 26th Dec 2002, 23:28, More)

tired of cow tipping,
the cows take it out on the less intelligent horses...
(Tue 24th Dec 2002, 22:26, More)

Sinister Cat and his Classic Traps #4

(Sat 21st Dec 2002, 22:37, More)

grrrrr...alright then
(Fri 6th Dec 2002, 22:45, More)

just because
there is not alt
(Sun 24th Nov 2002, 20:42, More)

due to their renowned short memory spans,
mountain rescue fish proved hopelessly inadequate.
think twice about asking a golfish for help
cheers to thediscokingpin for naming the fishy
(Sat 23rd Nov 2002, 17:30, More)

Sinister Cat and his Classic Traps #1
bwaa ha haaa!
(Sun 17th Nov 2002, 12:24, More)

young walruses: don't try this at home!
this walrus is a trained professional!

clicky for bigger
(Wed 13th Nov 2002, 20:55, More)

snow leopards are only grumpy because pixie moths play their teeth like xylophones.
ding! ding! dong!
(Tue 29th Oct 2002, 22:36, More)

for popt_art: a marmolin

(Wed 23rd Oct 2002, 22:11, More)

i know cute is over
but i couldn't help it

(Sun 20th Oct 2002, 21:54, More)

just a few short days off the factory floor,
Edgar was still a little naive...
yes, with you!
(Mon 23rd Sep 2002, 23:42, More)

(Mon 9th Sep 2002, 21:28, More)

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