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sites i've made include:

lovely, lovely nerds. With an RSS Feed!

I don't know much about Flash.

A sortable, randomisable, automatically updated gallery of stuff I made for b3ta.*

I also made a random ebay feedback generator

*if you'd like the code that generates the gallery, just ask me and it's yours. a few quick values changed and it's your own gallery.

this is me on my way to cambridge to deliver lemons to Wifey for her gin and tonic:

click me! i lead to a mysterious gallery!


freshlegs at herdofnerds dot net

Recent front page messages:

Polar bears cover their noses to hide from their prey
but what about their claws?
(Sun 12th Oct 2003, 16:11, More)

suspension must always be fitted correctly!
this turtle has never managed to cross the road. don't let this happen to you!
(Tue 29th Jul 2003, 23:20, More)

in nature, seals are often tickled until they are sick
oh, the hugh manatee! won't someone stop this cruelty?
This is a fact.
(Tue 22nd Jul 2003, 21:55, More)

possum opossum!
i love how you swing,
with your tail wrapped around
a branch in a ring
just don't eat my bugs, ok?
possum opossum!
look how you twirl
with your tail curled around
and your fur in a whirl
(Thu 17th Jul 2003, 22:25, More)

baby furtive bears are trained early in the art of theft.
(Wed 18th Jun 2003, 20:11, More)

To the rescue!
i require no payment! only bamboo!
(Sun 8th Jun 2003, 21:30, More)

this man's debut performance was an unrivaled disaster: kids! know your shoes!
tappety-tappedy-tap! tap! tap!
(Fri 23rd May 2003, 22:47, More)

i haven't seen him since we got back from the vet!
(Sun 11th May 2003, 20:20, More)

rock!: the downfall of the cubs of today.
I... wanna rock and roll all niiight! and par-ty every day!
(Fri 2nd May 2003, 22:39, More)

and finally, Mountain Rescue Fish returns to his beloved family...
daddy! it's like you never left! did you leave?

a mere 10 seconds earlier...

(Wed 30th Apr 2003, 23:03, More)

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