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Seid ihr denn alle verrückt geworden...?

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» Petty Sabotage

cnut teachers
quite possibly the best bit of sabotage we did at school, (aided by the head of chemistry) was to take about 10 cans of shaving foam, and dunk them in liquid nitrogen for about 30 seconds and then pealed the can off of the now frozen shaving foam.....
cue the arsehole teachers crappy car sitting well hidden amongest the other teachers' cars, and with the cunning use of a coat hanger, opened the door, and hid all of the frozen blocks of shaving foam in his car, under the seats, in the glovebox, in the door pockets and in the boot.
Being a rather warm day, it didnt take long for the foam to thaw out, and the pressure to build up inside the car. Watching the arsehole go to his car after school and the sudden explosion/shower of shaving foam cover him, and the inside of his car.... p r i c e l e s s ! !
(Sun 8th May 2005, 15:51, More)

» Going Too Far

hey bheroniphr
wenn du so was fragst, dann kannst du einfach auf eine dinge warten - einen Faust direkt in dein gesicht. Was für ein Trottel bist du????
(Wed 15th Nov 2006, 23:25, More)

» Weird Traditions

ze blautooth spiele
for some unknown reason, whenever im in the pub we take random pictures of things/people...etc and then send them to random people via bluetooth.....always seems fun when ur drunk....
probably isnt really that much fun i know.......
(Fri 29th Jul 2005, 16:38, More)

» The Onosecond

die blautooth Spiele
several mates and I often play the bluetooth game, which involves sending random (sometimes obscene) pictures to other (random) peoples phones.....
cue a nite out (in a crazy bier garden) and let battle commence.....
when one said mate went to the toilet, I *accidently* (on purpose) sent his gf a picture of my manhood..... fortunately, she didn't have the slightest idea how to open it....
(Mon 30th May 2005, 4:38, More)

» Job Interviews

Had an interview for the "video mobile" company for the job as sales pleb in Cambridge a year or so back, for which I had to drive to Newmarket to be met by some humpa lumpa b.o. secreting bint who came up with (I think) her own interview questions (which were so stupidly simple I've forgotten them) and then at the end of the interview proceeded to offer me the job. Great I thought, beats stacking shelves in tescos.....

Then she pipes up and says "Its quite a long way to drive each day, are you sure thats ok..."

Me: "Yes, It's only about 10 miles.."

transpires the silly watermeloning biaatch had "forgotten" to tell me that there were actually no jobs in Cambridge, and that she had in effect hired me to work in Bury StEdmunds, at least a 2 hour drive in the morning.

A week later, I still had people from their "recruitment" centre phoning and trying to pursuade me to accept the job.
I think they got the message when in the SU bar they phoned and in my absence a friend answered the phone....
They stopped calling after he told the person he was going to hide with a sniper rifle and pick them off one by one as they left work...
(It was around the same time when the psyco guy hid in his car and shot random people in the US!)
(Sun 23rd Jan 2005, 15:51, More)
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