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oh dear, it looks like not paying most hosting for 3 years has finally caught up with me

never mind, just imagine they were all brilliant, and you can be safe in the knowledge that they were far worse than that

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That's ace. I like stuff with signs.
(Tue 13th May 2003, 15:44, More)

A Bunny Girl

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I'm sorry the joke is terrible, again
Thanks to whoever gave it the FP nod
(Thu 3rd Apr 2003, 10:51, More)

Jess of Mass Destruction
Click for Biggy
Click for Twice as Big.

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Times are hard in farming

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» Booze Related Disasters

When I worked in the city
myself and some coworkers went for beers after work, we'd gone from pub to pub to for serveral hours, until we ended up in some large pub in central London.
I banged into a tranny that I'd met on a previous drinking session, who asked me if I fancied a quick smoke, which sounded like a good idea.
We nipped into the loos, when to my surprise (s)he produced a crack pipe, it seemed to late to back out at that point, so I thought it’d be churlish to refuse.
It all gets a bit hazy now, but we snogged in the loo and then we ended up in her/his flat in Kings Cross. She was just doing up another pipe, when she mentioned that it wasn’t so much her flat as a squat, at which point the Police drug busted the place.
I managed to escape down a rear fire escape.
(Fri 19th Mar 2004, 8:08, More)

» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

I fear I first heard of b3ta from the metro of all places
and it took me several weeks to spot there was a messageboard, but I didn't really feel like a real b3tan until I'd turned up fucking shit faced, and slightly terrified to a bash at the Marie Celeste, where I believe we drank place al-but dry.

To this day a huge number of my friends are agéd b3tans, and thanks to b3ta I've been horrifically drunk at bashes in many cities around the country that I'd otherwise had no reason to visit.
(Mon 12th Sep 2011, 11:39, More)

» Easiest Job Ever

The first proper job I had in IT
involved running a shit load of access queries, and checking they worked afterwards. This generally took all the morning, and a chunk of the afternoon. Being of the lazy persuasion, I wrote a massively complicated macro which took just as long but required minimal human input.

I spent my hungover mornings reading the paper, pop for lunch in the pub, and the while away the afternoons using the brand new napster, only stopping to answer the rare beeping reminder of the requirement for human input.

I was good at that job, but apparently my attitude was regarded as a demotivating influence on the rest of the office, so they moved me somewhere horrid (Croydon)
(Thu 9th Sep 2010, 16:03, More)