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Hello there, I'm Lawrence.
I admit that I don't post here regularly enough.

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Woooooo! First FP! Thanks alot! www.nolice.tk :D
(Wed 17th Nov 2004, 11:39, More)

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» You're a moviestar baby

Songs of Praise
When I was very young, on holiday in Dorset, I happend to walk past the camera whilst they were filming 'Songs of Praise'
(Thu 18th Nov 2004, 12:29, More)

» Singing the wrong words

From 'Who Built The Ark' (Old School Hymn)
A line of the song is 'who made hyenas laugh?'.
Being a young child, I assumed that 'hyenas' was someone like a great discover or something, maybe greek. heh.
(Sat 29th Jan 2005, 22:12, More)